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To The Bottom And Then

Video: To The Bottom  And Then
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To The Bottom  And Then
To The Bottom And Then

The document, developed by the Institute of the General Plan of Moscow and the research branch of Mosgortrans, impresses with the scale of the projects. Reconstruction is designed for two years and will "plow" almost the entire Central District.

The diagnosis is clear for a long time: the center of the capital is suffocating from an overabundance of transport and will soon suffocate completely. In the district itself, 190 thousand cars are registered, at least 120 thousand more are visiting it every day, and the road facilities cannot keep up. And in general - 90% of the main network of the center of the capital operates under conditions of congestion and at the limit of bandwidth. Are there any reserves?

In the right direction

And then! It is only necessary to optimize the loading of highways and the local street network, to make it more uniform. Here one-way traffic comes to mind. In Europe, with its small historical streets, this is used everywhere. Why don’t we have a try?

The head of the center for traffic management of the Moscow government, the project coordinator Leonid Lipsits is sure of success. Already this year, entire quarters in the areas of the Karetny Ryad, Sretenka, Chistye Prudy, Maroseyka - Pokrovka, Yauza and Nikitsky Gates will become (or have already become) one-sided. As soon as these flows cover all 200 (plus or minus) streets and lanes, traffic in the center will flow widely and freely. It seems to be. And if you arrange parking for this!..

Hmm, how to arrange? Indeed, in the spring of this year, city officials already announced plans for the widespread introduction of paid parking. And is that the same order ?! Lipsits assures that drivers will only win. “Chaotic parking will be eliminated where they objectively interfere with normal traffic, and the total number of free parking will not decrease.” Oh well…

Century construction

Next year, there will be a "punching" of passage under the Crimean bridge on Krymskaya embankment, the construction of an exit from the Bolshoy Kamenny and Ustinsky bridges to Moskvoretskaya embankment from the Znamenka side, as well as the reconstruction of the Komissariat bridge. Prechistenskaya embankment will be expanded and a congress will be built from Serebryanicheskaya embankment to the Garden Ring. Novokuznetskaya street will be led out to Komissariatsky bridge, and the new Krasnopresnensky Prospekt - to the Garden Ring.

In the longer term: expanding the exit from the Bolshoy Ustinsky bridge to Raushskaya embankment, the roadway of Sadovnichesky passage between Komissariatsky and Bolshoy Ustinsky bridges, lengthening the blocked part of the tunnel under Triumfalnaya Square on Oruzheyny Lane (the road width will increase for a turn over the tunnel), straightening the carriageway of Kompozitorskaya streets, expansion of the ramps of Krymsky Val and the roadway and sidewalks of Sofiyskaya Embankment in the vicinity of the Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge. But these events in 2005 will only begin to design.

Where urban development does not allow widespread development, the traffic pattern will be reorganized. Such "pain points" as Pushkinskaya, Kudrinskaya and Taganskaya squares or the intersection of Moskvoretskaya embankment and Kitaygorodsky passage - this is where you will have to especially "clear out". The result depends solely on the correct analysis of traffic flows in each case. A total of 35 crossroads will be reorganized.

Hooray! The project did not forget about the disposal of the Garden Ring from pedestrian crossings. On Sukharevskaya Square, at the intersection of the Garden Ring with Karetny Ryad Street, Bolshoi Kharitonevsky Lane, the exit onto Serebryanicheskaya Embankment, as well as on Zubovskaya, Smolenskaya and Kudrinskaya Squares, pedestrian minks will everywhere weep. And at the intersections of Bolshaya Ordynka and Klimentovsky lane, Bolshaya Yakimanka and Bolshaya Polyanka, on Barrikadnaya street at the metro station of the same name, at the Polyanka metro station and in Oruzheyny lane. God give it.

Clockwise or counterclockwise?

And the Garden Ring itself? Apparently, it still can’t avoid one-way spin, but this will not happen until 2007. The whole next year will be spent on awareness and preparation for a powerful project - the reorganization of traffic in the territory between the Garden and Third Ring Road. After this, the two-way traffic along Sadovoye, apparently, will sink into oblivion. The direction itself is still unknown even to the developers. Wait and see.

According to the same Leonid Lipsits, the implementation of the new scheme will allow 15% to relieve the center of the capital, and the twist of the Garden Ring will add another 20 percent. Amazing numbers! And I want to believe, yes …

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