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On The Exhale
On The Exhale

We met with Nikolai from Lipetsk last year at the Sportmotortuning exhibition: he brought the G8 of rare yellow-black color to Moscow and with interesting technical solutions that were simple and effective. This car showed to many that Russian tuning exists not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Time flies quickly, a year has passed - and the next exhibition, surprisingly successful. Nikolai again visited the capital, but this time with a whole team of like-minded people and a new car. Yes, how! “Come, we have prepared something here,” the Lipetsk tuner intrigued, “you will like it.” I had no doubt.

And having heard the story about three "crazy" weeks, I was amazed. "True! - assured Nikolai. “Everyone tuned in when bags were already in the trunk and the engine was warming up in front of the road to Moscow.” It was difficult to believe in this fantastic story: where are the blunders that are usual for such precocities? You can’t even find it with a magnifying glass, studying the whole design by squares centimeter per centimeter.

A supercharged engine ?! Very brave! After all, the guys are aware that the experiments of many Russian tuners to turn aspirated air into a “turbo” crashed. And successful experiments are few. But, it turns out, they did not risk anything. The design was based on the development of a talented master from the Moscow region, nicknamed the Professor. Together with Dmitry (the name of the “Professor” in the world) they made a motor for last year's “eight” - he never failed. And to the experiments with turbocharging, the Lipetsk team was additionally encouraged by the famous professors' kopek with a supercharger from Mitsubishi Galant, which became legendary among drag racers. It was said about her that there is a “vicious” 4G63 motor from Lancer Evolution. Against the background of these rumors, it was amusing to observe the reaction of the public when the whole truth was revealed: the “penny” engine was once ordinary, “classic”, it would have remained if it weren’t for the master’s hands and that’s all, nothing supernatural. Only ordinary miracles.

Turbine Lipetsk "tens" also of Japanese origin, from a real sports car - Subaru Impreza WRX. She was selected by calculation. But not without love. Still, many tuners, including those from Lipetsk, dream of making a little bit of Subaru. And at a price this supercharger was more or less suitable. Of course, under the turbine I had to make my own collector. And here the Lipetsk craftsmen were again struck - it was made using seamless technology. But how? Nikolay is keeping a secret. He says that over time he will tell.

The filling of the 1.6-liter engine was made on special order, the injection controller program was written specifically for this engine in St. Petersburg, in the company "Abit". The receiver in Lipetsk made their own, but based on well-known developments. In general, painstaking work was enough. Power has not yet been measured, according to calculations and sensations, it is not less than 180 hp.

The difference with the standard 16-valve is significant, although everything that could be strengthened in this car is reinforced. The body is boiled over by sports technologies, a safety cage is installed in the cabin, although it is not branded or homologated. However, the car is still unsportsmanlike. The frame in Lipetsk was made according to the data from the OMP catalog. But again, after careful calculations and verbal skirmishes - in the case. Everyone wanted to get the best result, and therefore argued. In the engine compartment, slopes from the pipes to the "glasses" of shock absorbers are visible. Instead of full-time supports are AL. Front and rear - struts and additional stabilizers. Your stretcher. Even the "eggs" are replaced by metal ones.

The rear beam is shifted 30 mm back. In the "top ten" they do this by cutting the rear arches (large wheels do not climb into the low-level ones). In winter, the Lipetsk “ten” rides on 15-inch Slik wheels. She hasn’t managed to get a summer shoe yet, but Nikolai’s plans to put the AP-Racing brakes under 15-inch wheels (now under 14 inches), so that conclusions can be drawn: the small wheels do not threaten her.

Lipetsk craftsmen are friends with many metropolitan companies, including Sport Garage, which has been a dealer of the German “pendant” KW brand in Russia for several years. On the “top ten” is a complete set of KW pendants, and Nikolai is actively promoting this particular brand: “The very thing is, you won’t find anything better for the same money.”

As befits a serious tuning car, the “ten” is also distinguished by its original appearance. In addition to predatory coloring there is airbrushing. In the center of the composition - on the hood - the coat of arms of the city, on the sides - its name (albeit in Latin, it’s clear anyway - the patriots worked). "Outlets" on the hood are made by metal surgery, no cheap plastic, only honest steel. Body in a rare body kit. Head optics - Pro.Sport. Nikolai decided to leave the taillights full-time, the Prosportovye ones are too common, and the tuners do not like the monotony.

The interior resembles much of what was seen before, but at the same time it is special - a yellow-black color helped. The door cards are covered with yellow and black velor, the seats with yellow and black leather. "Pay attention, our seats are Lipetsk." So UNP and Rider have a competitor! Devices implanted in a dash of a new sample - from the Moscow company AMC. Trinity of small appliances - from Autogauge. The pilot focuses on all the necessary information about the state of the systems. The design is consistent with the overall style. Let's call him half-sport.

… The car came to the exhibition right away, from the highway, after a 500-kilometer run. On the way, the tuners tried not to take risks and did not try to find out if their "ten" could develop space velocity. “But it proved to be worthy,” they said, “smooth, powerful acceleration in any gear, from any speed. It’s even amazing that we did it ourselves.” The reason for pride is obvious. Already near Moscow, a block of frozen snow fell under the right wheel … At the exhibition, it turned out that a similar collapse had been shot down.

Visitors constantly crowded around the car, so adjusting the installation angles was simply impossible. They started setting up before sending them home. No fuss, extra words and movements. Everything is clear, fast. Everyone at work. It's always a pleasure to look at such a job.

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