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Gloomy Morning


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Ragnarok Online OST 43: Morning Gloomy 2023, January
Gloomy Morning
Gloomy Morning

Maroussia, as always, was late. Well, you know: I’ve changed my boots - you need to change the bag, shift all the junk. Then the dog asked to eat, the girlfriend called and so on.

He throws himself at his Matiz, he's just Motka, and, without warming up, leaves for the avenue. “Damn, damn, damn! The main thing is to catch it, otherwise the chef is rinsing all the brains again …”Lucky, several intersections managed to slip onto the green. There’s one more ahead. And at Mashino, happiness also shines green, only from a wide side street to the right on the arrow cars climb in two rows.

Calm, only calm! We have the main road after all. Maroussia, trying her best not to look at those who want to leave under the arrow, quietly rides to herself in the middle row, whispering a dog, girlfriend, Motka and her damned aesthetics. And the people, on the right, have their own angry chefs … And the green "nine", gradually advancing, stuck out its hood on the lane where Marusya was traveling. Go around a sudden obstacle did not work. Disgusting black stripes drew a beautiful painted bumper. "Chisel" is nothing. Good, however, "nine" bumpers …

Commentary of the lawyer “Driving”: “In this situation, everything depends on whether the“nine”was moving at the time of the collision. If not, then, of course, Masha will be guilty, violating paragraph 10.1 of the SDA: “The driver must drive the vehicle at a speed not exceeding the established limit, taking into account the traffic intensity, features and condition of the vehicle and cargo, road and meteorological conditions, particular visibility in the direction of travel. Speed ​​should provide the driver with the ability to constantly monitor the movement of the vehicle to comply with the requirements of the rules. If there is a danger to the movement that the driver is able to detect, he must take possible measures to reduce speed until the vehicle stops.”

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