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The idea was simple and noble: to make rational (purely subjective) changes in the design of the car for which there is enough money.

It looked like a “penny” not so hot as vigorously. Even so hot as cheerfully. Corrosion almost drowned out the body panels, foam rubber spilled from the seats stratified from old age, the motor coughed and sweated profusely with oil. It was not without capital. The owner did not modify the engine on the occasion of the bulkhead - he was greedy. But he easily paid for the chrome-plated valve cover, the “zero” Pro.Sport air filter and an inexpensive rear wing on the trunk lid.

And just then our enthusiast got a job with a bigger salary and without hesitation decided to spend money on the image.

Things have gone. An air intake from the Niva appeared on the hood. The rear bumper is now "seven", with disassembly. The front one is a product of free garage creativity, assembled from a broken VAZ-21093 bumper. The new appearance required dynamics and sound. The fearless owner of the "penny" even mastered the welding machine, building a forward flow. And from the very first salary, he sealed the rust on the body with a film and painted the car with his own hand, alternating the roller with a spray can.

It turned out very well, especially when viewed from a distance. For greater beauty, the guy screwed a square piece of mesh (the largest one that he found) to the radiator grille, tinted the taillights, changed the diffusers of the front lights to white and went broke on domestic chromed alloy wheels.

Next came the stage of technical tuning. Familiar craftsmen taught how to attach a spare wheel under the trunk floor, advised to put imported rear springs, which raised the stern of the car to an unattainable height. The carburetor was replaced with a "nine".

As soon as the owner of the "penny" was promoted, the first thing he paid for was blind tinting and replacing the side windows with "five", without windows. The rear window was tightened with a film in body color, leaving only a narrow embrasure.

And the young man put a lot of strength on improving comfort. The "dead" seats were replaced with Volkswagen Sport seats from an old Golf GTi. Another “six” torpedo appeared on the car, but not a simple one - the dashboard is expensive, with white scales and blue lights, pedals, tuning steering wheel and seat belts with the difficult name Schroth. On the seats are velor covers. The linkage of the gearbox lever is halved.

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