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It Is The Eternity Of The Sea-ocean

Video: It Is The Eternity Of The Sea-ocean
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It Is The Eternity Of The Sea-ocean
It Is The Eternity Of The Sea-ocean

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I easily recognized the well-known sound of a V-shaped two-cylinder hard-working engine, its “register” corresponds to a volume of 1064 cmz. But this time, he is in a California Titanium steel duplex frame - another classic Guzzi roadster.

It appeared at the will and whim of buyers - they wished for personal use a bike that differs from the base model (California Stone) and appearance (hence the Titanium special coloring, narrow front wing and massive rear, frontal fairing in the style of “mini bikini”), and advanced technical equipment.

“We’ll check what came out of this venture,” I say to myself and put my foot on the wide saddle, reminiscent of a bucket. And bury my eyes on the dashboard. He noted: the speedometer and tachometer glare less than the “tidy” of the closest ancestor, due to the appearance of a small tinted glass of the cowl that is blocking from the rays of light … But I will continue about the saddle and landing. The seat is now lower, more luxurious - both of which help to keep the weighty motorcycle cool. I turn the steering wheel … It turns harder than before - the increased mass of the “bow” and the resistance that the steering damper creates (it is included in the standard equipment of the model) affects it.

I take up the steering wheel bar (you won’t call it another way), slightly rotate the throttle - Titanium, swinging to the right, crouches on suspensions and slowly rolls me onto the road.

Smooth acceleration to 40 km / h, I switch to second gear. Acceleration again started … The tachometer needle easily “runs up” along the dial. Despite the fact that the effort to squeeze the clutch lever is slightly higher than on other motorcycles, shift manipulations would not say that they annoy. The gearbox operates without failures, and you confidently move in a dense stream of cars. For walks in the city, during which you always want to "swim in the comfort of driving", this moment is fundamentally important! Well done designers - taken into account.

Titanium is not at all skinny - you’ll rather say “in the body” about it, its purpose is not racing, but the device is controlled wonderfully. However, Moto Guzzi has always been famous for this virtue. To make sure that our Titan, as befits a name, is just as good, it is not at all necessary to go on a trip around the world - just a couple of minutes to spin on a patch near the house.

Started off - the weight of the motorcycle in my sensations “melted”. And it raced!.. Speed ​​is not his "hobbyhorse", but I must say that stability at decent speeds and powerful engine thrust at high speeds are its undoubted advantages. I don’t even remember on what other apparatus I was just as impudent, but remaining inwardly calm, I left for overtaking and, having pulled the throttle stick all the way, disappeared.

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