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Video: Persona 4 - Specialist 2023, February

Three-hundred-strong all-wheel drive car with a design in the style of "nothing more" - a real collection of the best automotive technologies. It has everything that is needed for a sports sedan, and even a little more. For example, an instant traffic alert system. But the A-SPEC version is already a blatant luxury. Aggressive plastic styling package, 3/4 inch shortened sports suspension, 18-inch wheels with Michelin Pilot tires and even a set of parts for installing under the bottom, similar to racing cars. The cost of the entire kit is gentle by tuning standards - only $ 5500 plus the price of the basic version. In any world-renowned tuning studio, all this would have cost more.

In addition, at SEMA, Acura featured two unique versions of TSX’s state-of-the-art bestseller. Both are made in the style of tuning studio cars and racing teams. Comptech TSX is equipped with a mechanical supercharged engine, chilled intake system and stainless steel exhaust. Motor power - 240 hp, 40 hp more than the serial version. 18-inch wheels and sporty lowered suspension add aggression. The second TSX is a real sports car, performing in the SCCA Pro Racing Championship racing under the control of pilot Pierre Kleinabin.

Tuner idol company RJ DeVera presented its version of the executive sedan Acura TL. De Vera personally worked with the car, boldly compiling RO_JA accessories and other “aftermarket” (non-standard, non-factory) parts with Acura A-Spec elements. It turned out to be an interesting cocktail of A-Spec suspension, Comptech supercharger and a special set of external parts RO_JA.

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