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Kozlov Would Know

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Video: Roman Kozlov at the International Symposium "One Health" 2023, February
Kozlov Would Know
Kozlov Would Know

Recall that it was created using ring technologies: a multi-throttle engine, a cam box, a lightweight body … At one time, it made a noise by furnishing many cool foreign cars for a quarter of a mile, including Impreza WRX cars! But the champion age is usually short-lived. So the "Nightmare", returning from the next competition, found his bump on the highway. By happy coincidence, Vadim Azarov, who was driving, was left without injuries. But the car, as they say, could not be restored. Nobody really regretted the broken body in the trash, he already asked for a landfill. But an expensive motor, a complex transmission and other valuable elements could still serve. So the guys had to look for a new body.

That's for sure “there would be no happiness” … The successes of Zelenograd dragreisers were noticed and appreciated by the Spectrol company. In their rich bins was the desired body. And not from something there, but from the real "fighting" G8, which participated in the races (the Supertourism class) several years ago. For reference: the omnipresent Nikolai Fomenko began his motorsport career on the same machine. At that time, the device cost about $ 50, 000.

When the body was given to SR-Tuning (the so-called Zelenograd workshop), it was adorned with a three-letter sticker - “EVIL”. This is not a stupid joke and not the common conscript abbreviation “They will answer for all the cops,” but only the remains of the surname Kozlov. It was he who was the last to drive the G8 before its rebirth.

Now there are stickers on the back with the name of Vadim Azarov - a candidate for master of sports in automobile drag racing, the champion of Moscow in 2003. Externally, the car does not resemble an impressive ring. Rather, it looks like vehicles from the Mad Max series - what a beauty, bare practicality! The radiator grilles, for example, simply do not exist, and the “pipes” of multi-throttle injection look shamelessly outward. On the shelf near the windshield are handles welded out of the engine compartment (emergency weight switches and fire extinguishing systems). Rear wheels - two thin dokatki. Compared to the front wide slicks, they look hilarious. But with them, the front-wheel drive car accelerates as quickly as possible in a straight line.

And looking under the hood or in the "salon", you can find a lot of friends. For example, a homologated safety cage and engine compartment amplifiers, a sports suspension, all with spherical joints, 4-piston AP-Racing brakes, a nightmarish engine. The guys also worked hard on him. Firstly, they increased the volume great - up to 1750 cm3, put reinforced pistons with one compression ring, “upper” shafts. The intake system is also completely different, although the circuit remains the same - multi-throttle. But the pipes themselves are already straight, aluminum, of an enlarged section. Accordingly, more steel and flaps. A completely different injection control program (and it is “wired” into another control unit of the St. Petersburg company “Abit”, which supports eight nozzles, four ignition coils and even the possibility of using four different firmware). The total power at the moment is 230 hp. at 9800 rpm On the old motor it was under 190, the new one is noticeably more progressive and almost does not differ from the ring one - for example, Lukoilovsky from Supertourism. And there 210 hp at 9300 rpm (with a volume of 1.6). The speed range on this engine is over 1.7 - from 7000 to 9800!

Making such a motor work stably is a real job. Even though the sports 102nd gasoline is poured into the tank, the optimum temperature is a slight minus in the yard, the guys fiddled with the settings for a long time and seemed to be successful. However, the engine roars, gaining its nightmarish working speed, spits with a blue flame from a giant exhaust pipe, pulled out to the side under the threshold, and becomes silent. There is a ringing silence. Masters dive under the hood and twist something, talking animatedly, then give a sign to Vadim, and he starts the engine. Lays ears again. It is impossible to stand next to the car - a pulsating exhaust hits the legs. But you do not have time to move away, everything stops. The procedure is repeated several times. Finally, the engine agrees to work for several minutes and still stalls again. What happened? The fuel is over! Gently pour the precious 102nd from the barrel. It is hard to believe that 20 liters was barely enough to drive a mile and a half kilometers in calm mode and start a quarter mile four times. Then he broke the pipe of the cooling system and was not up to the race, so Evil has not yet shown itself in all its glory.

And to go far for photography did not work. While the car was revived, twilight was thickening - I had to hurry. At a distance of two hundred meters, the Evil died out several times. But there was not a shadow of a grin on the faces of those accompanying. After all, simply making the device with such a speed range start moving is already an art, and you can argue for any amount that no one will perform this task the first time.

We knew what we were dealing with. But one of those who were waiting at the bus stop, opposite which we were spinning, choosing spectacular angles, exclaimed with feeling: “To cholera!” No wonder that the sight of such a strange apparatus, terribly roaring and incapable of moving on city pavement without a box, hit Zelenograd civilian to the core.

On winter drag racing tracks, Evil has nothing to do with his data. But from the spring of next year, they will talk about him again. Indeed, now a quarter of a mile obeys him in 13.12 seconds, and acceleration to 100 km / h takes 5.4 seconds. No turbines or nitrous oxide.

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