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“Year 2147. And the cars rose from the ashes of nuclear fire. And the war went on to destroy humanity … "Stop! Not that.

“The year is about 2008. The blind-eyed pensioner Fedor Matveich and his grandmother are returning from their summer house on the very well-groomed 24th Volga. And here's the trouble: the grandfather got confused in the interchanges (we’ve built, Yeshkin the cat!). Riding, peering - either right up, or left down, or even directly necessary. Pointers are only confusing. While thinking and wondering, I did not notice that I had approached a fork. Spin the steering wheel, but late. And at speed I drove into the trailer of the separation barrier, which is directly between the carriageways. Bah! Glasses flew off from both old men hanging on their belts. Matveich opened his door and went out to look at the damage. Oh, hell, the radiator leaked and the front end is a bit gone, but the rest seems to be intact. Okay, Kuzmich from the next garage, the tinman is okay, he’ll fix it.”

No, son, this is not fiction.

Let's start with the essential

With a frontal impact on a damned trailer, almost no one survives. Have you seen a channel with a strung car? All have seen. In Moscow itself, for several years now there have been no concrete blocks or bare rails at the forks - there are plastic buffers with soft filler. Of course, they soften the blow, but the severity of the consequences is still high. So something needs to be done.

In developed countries, they have long been accustomed to appreciating human life. Therefore, starting from the 70s, special damping systems began to be installed on highways, where there are end sections of barriers. So the Moscow authorities thought, thought … and invited the Americans. They have a lot of experience.

Chicago experts from Quixote responded. This company is a world leader in the manufacture of road damping systems. In different countries, the share of their “presence” in road safety is from 30 to 70 percent.

To us, the Americans immediately brought what they asked - a damping device for limit switches. The device consists of wavy channels superimposed on each other with an overlap. Inside the movable bulkheads, plastic cartridge containers filled with a special shock-absorbing compound are laid. Muscovites immediately went to test, and at the same time to demonstrate to the public their concern for people. How? Well, of course, with a crash test. The experts at Dmitrovsky NITsIAMT, where the cracks were held, took an inexpensive passenger car heavier - the old GAZ 24 / "> GAZ 2410. Well, curious.

And indeed a miracle!

The tractor, large and powerful, travels in the opposite direction from the obstacle and pulls the cable, which is connected through blocks to the victim machine. That accelerates to 80 km / h and with a deaf thump rams overseas device. After hitting, it bounces a little to the side and enters the neighboring barrier with the rear right wing …

The people, watching the performance in tension, froze for a second, and then exhaled at once. Everyone made a noise, applauded. To whom? It’s also unclear what’s happening with the car! In fact, it’s already clear - if from afar, it’s quite worthwhile.

Come on. Damage is minimal. For a collision at such a high speed - it’s fantastic: the front part is a little broken, the engine remains in place, and in the cabin everything is unharmed. However, the traffic cop will write in this case in the certificate that "hidden damage is possible." Well, to hell with her, with the car. What is the barrier? Oh, this is something! Six-meter before the strike, after meeting with the Volga, it was more than halved. The overlapping channels ran into each other, and the bulkheads crushed the cartridges, exposing their contents. Further even more surprising. The broken Volga was dragged by a loader, and a winch from the ZIL was tied to the barrier and pulled lightly. Oops! The design again became six-meter and again ready for "use." It is only necessary to replace the wrinkled cartridges. Yes … Silent in awe.

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