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Because Of The Urals

Video: Because Of The Urals
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Because Of The Urals
Because Of The Urals

Exquisite voice acting Subaru Impreza WRX STi - an event with a dubious outcome. Like it or not, this speed conqueror of roads was not built for that. And sports forward flow, and a stiffer suspension, and an ascetic interior do not contribute to the creation of a cozy atmosphere for the music lover. However, since the client said “I want”, the dealer answered “will be!” And turned to one of the most experienced Moscow installers performing in the free-lance genre, that is, working as the head of a group of free artists.

According to the master, he had to deal with such a problematic machine for the first time, although he had more than ten years of work behind him. Even BMW convertibles, prepared in the M-Technik department and brought in by a tuning studio such as Breyton or Alpina, did not seem so stubborn. In Subaru, everything was incomprehensible and hostile. It was impossible to set up a high-quality sound stage. And the standard equipment sounded very good, honestly fulfilled all frequencies, smoothed out sounds and even issued a good bass attack.

Expensive musical components worked no better, as if tens of thousands of dollars had not been spent on a complete set of speakers, amplifiers and the legendary Steg QM75.6MX subwoofer. As if the Denon DCT Z1 head unit, a recognized leader, did not give a cleaner signal. The system sounded just fine. And the upper class was required. And therefore, having failed to defeat the obstinate STi on the move, the developers decided to starve her.

To start, all the music was laid again. Great job! They refused a special battery - the owner did not want to. Doubled sound insulation, disassembling Subaru to bare iron. After that, they installed the head unit, amplifier, and engaged in the selection of acoustics.

The components were selected for a very long time - more than two months. We tried so many options that when the kit finally appeared that produced the necessary values ​​for the instruments, the masters could no longer adequately evaluate the sound of the system. Colleagues were invited for examination. They came, listened and came in indescribable delight.

And then an answer was answered to the question of what components this miracle system was assembled, and there came a general surprise, turning into a standing ovation. It turned out that the car was voiced by the domestic Ural speakers in symbiosis with imported speakers from RCF. It looks like this: front speakers Ural AS-U 1625 with tweeters RCF TL28, rear speakers Ural AS-U 1325 with tweeters RCF TL28, subwoofer MTX T410, amplifier Steg QM75.6MX, “head” Denon DCT Z1 with a processor that can not only process the signal, but also convert it.

The sound in Subaru acquired an indescribably soft shade. We can say that the car got its own play style. This is exactly what the installers did when they drastically changed the size of the front emitters and tried several amplifiers instead of one. Or when you glued the rear RCF tweeters onto the grills of the rear speakers, thus creating a semblance of coaxials.

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