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Heart For Sale
Heart For Sale

As soon as he returned home, he drove away his own Corrado to familiar mechanics. And he went deeper into the tuning catalog …

Three hundred pages of fun! The wizards at Rieger knew how to please a Wolfsburg coupe tuning fan. After a year and a half, the most hit gizmos from the pages of the catalog took root on the Corrado. The car was so transformed that it lost its European features and looked like a seriously charged "Japanese". Most of the time Corrado spent in the garage (mechanics sorted out the engine, and bodybuilders tried to cope with the Rieger GTO aerokit). Yuri constantly stuck in the workshop, because the process is the most important thing in tuning. He ordered good "music", personally installed the knob KP in the form of a metal skull with eyes of red stone and looked for paint. For one can of Dupont Monte Carlo Magic (if it is simpler - a "purple chameleon") they asked from 600 to 900 dollars. Given that Yuri was going to paint the car in several layers, artistic delights flew into the penny.

Everything went better nowhere. The work came to an end, painted the car, put on the widest "rollers" and released. As soon as Yuri drove away from the garage, he was invited to a test in a car magazine. All the neighbors on the road, not hiding their admiration, looked at Corrado, asked what kind of car it was … Even the owners of cars from Wolfsburg hardly recognized the model.

Tuning hangover came soon. A few months later, our enthusiast had financial problems. Reluctantly, he decided that he would be able to quickly get out if he beat off the money invested in the car - no less than about $ 20, 000! And he announced the price of the car at $ 26, 500. However, the heartbreaking announcement - “I sell only because I urgently need money, we can say that I tear it off and sell a piece of myself” - sounded empty.

Imported cars of 1993 cost from 4, 000 to 15, 000 in Moscow. Lovers of exotic and just curious phoned and were surely interested in what are the advantages of this Corrado if it costs no less than the new Golf IV.

Yuri read out a long list of improvements: the original Rieger GTO set of plastic linings installed in the original way, rear optics, Supersprint direct-flow exhaust, D&W low-resistance filter. Everything native, German, non-Asian consumer goods, pressed on the extended rear track, increased by 2 centimeters clearance and 17 Brock B9 prefabricated wheels with monstrously wide Michelin Pilot Sport tires (235/45 in front and 265/40 in back) … Potential buyers remained potential. Usually, his enthusiastic enumeration was interrupted by short beeps in the receiver. Or they called him an open redneck for his eyes in online conferences.

Some, however, were not too lazy to come and see with their own eyes a tuning miracle. And then they changed their minds. The car is really one of a kind. The front fenders are replaced by plastic, perforated false panels are glued to thoroughly modified rear arches. Between the body and the false panels, Russian mechanics, who failed to install the body kit using German technology, made a special partition that helps the elements to hold better, and at the same time protects the body from dirt and moisture. The "skirt" of the front bumper protrudes far ahead and hangs critically low, creating the image of a "weekend car" - you can’t really train to work with such a spoiler. The brake calipers are painted red. The body is also not easy - the "purple chameleon" created a real miracle.

But to admire is one thing, and to buy is a completely different matter. Connoisseurs were in no hurry. Money was needed more and more sharply, and then there was bad luck - Yuri got into a small accident, rather sad for the Corrado body. They restored the car quickly and even painted very well, guessing the color. During the repair, the price was reduced to 19, 500. There were more calls. Yuri not only managed to talk about the appearance, but also painted the details of the audio system: Alpine 7852R CD receiver, Alpine CD changer for 12 discs, front speakers - four Hydrogen Ground Zero speakers, rear - eight D&W speakers, plus a PYLE Premium subwoofer.

The beauty of the Volkswagen Corrado has always been in appearance - the VR6 engine is still not very good for racing. A complete engine overhaul, boring and polishing of the intake / exhaust channels gave a certain increase in power, but obviously insufficient for a quarter mile race. In a word, and for 19 500 Jura did not find a buyer.

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