But conceptual, because Super America is the first Ferrari ever with a motorized hardtop. The design was created by Pininfarina studio, which in itself arouses interest in the car. Already in the first quarter of 2005, such cars will appear in the combined dealerships of Ferrari-Maserati. In the meantime, the press publishes preliminary data on the new model.

The design is based on 575M Maranello aggregates. An aluminum V12 engine with a camber angle of 65 degrees is located longitudinally in front. Such a scheme is becoming the norm for Ferrari. The volume of this engine is 5748 cm3, power - 540 hp. at 7250 rpm, torque - 588.15 N * m at 5250 rpm. The transmission is just as good: a 6-speed manual gearbox with remote control on the steering wheel in the type F1. The GTC control package includes ceramic brakes with 13-inch front and 12.2-inch rear discs. The front tires are 255 / 40ZR18 and the rear are 295 / 35ZR18. The maximum speed is 320 km / h. This is the fastest convertible berlinetta in the world.