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Supra Business

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Video: 18+. Самая дешевая Toyota Supra. 2023, February
Supra Business
Supra Business

It was on the difference between the eastern and western approaches to the issue that the guys from Nakhodka made a bet. Right-hand drive Japanese cars are much cheaper in their city than in St. Petersburg or Moscow. A tuning catalog, perhaps more than in all of Europe. The idea to build a business has ripened quickly. You need to buy a cheaper decent car with sports inclinations, "pack" it and sell it in one of the capital cities. It makes no sense to charge a car with a small engine - they won’t buy it, but those with surround motors are very expensive … But here's a wonderful object - Toyota Supra with a 2JZ engine. Quite for the money and very revered among experts.

Atmospheric power of 165 hp, inline six, six valves per cylinder, DOHC. Rear-wheel drive, 6-speed gearbox, a swift silhouette of a lightweight body. The car was perfect. The unprepossessing gray color slightly upset, but, having thought, we decided that against the inexpressive background the tuning parts> 40> 38 will only stand out better. At first, the tuners developed a revision program, arguing fiercely for each item. And only then they got down to business. Familiar sailors brought from Japan a serial kit - from rare ones. This aero kit consists of a front bumper, side sills, wide “cilia” of the headlights and overlays for the rear wings. "Cilia" turn the good and calm "look" Supra into the evil squint of the tuning icon in Japan - Nissan Skyline GT-R. Thresholds and lining on the arches, made in the style of biodesign, visually raise the back of the car. The front bumper is deliberately coarse, emphasizing almost animal power.

Established 16-inch wheels and a spoiler sold. They put the 18-inch "rollers" Gartmaier with wide Japanese tires and openwork carbon fiber wing. For greater style, the rear optics and all the windows, including the windshield, are tinted. And from Japan, a Tein sports suspension and a once-through muffler, made by special order, were already sailing. “Music” was installed quite decent - budget Kenwood in the company with the Sony X-plod amplifier. “Play” full-time speakers and Audiobahn subwoofer. It sounds good, especially under the bright blue backlight that floods the wide cockpit. Blue glare shimmers on the Razo gear lever, reflecting on the leather surface of the Momo steering wheel.

Before sending to Petersburg Supra lost its door handles. Doors began to open with pushers on command from the key fob.

Now the car in St. Petersburg, put up for sale. Perhaps the owner will soon turn out to be a dashing guy who in six months throws a car. Or maybe it will be bought by a person who is able to appreciate the model itself and its capabilities …

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