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What To Attach
What To Attach

Model 8294 OT

Manufacturer LLC Trailer, Stupino Gross weight, kg 1200 Year of manufacture 2002

Feature - 16-inch wheels, "shod" in the Volgov tires. It has a maintenance-free rubber-harness suspension and carrying capacity, limited only by the bearing capacity of the tires. Iron itself is guaranteed to withstand one and a half tons - the axis is designed for this load. Naturally, the trailer is equipped with an inertial brake. And so that the wheels are not blocked during braking and the ability to move in reverse is maintained, the brake is activated with a pulling force of 80 kilograms. There is even a full handbrake.

From the ball of the towing device to the axis is quite far away - as much as 2400 millimeters. Thanks to this, the trailer has excellent directional stability and ease of maneuvering when reversing. Galvanizing the body by dipping guarantees protection against rust for the entire service life. Our keeps well done.

Disadvantages. The trailer is jumpy (a feature of the rubber-harness suspension), the lamps are leaking - the holes in them should be sealed with sealant - and the rear power channel has very sharp corners.

It is useful (generally for all trailers) to replace the plug wiring harness in PVC cambric with a rubber cable. Cambridge dubs in the cold, cracks and breaks wires.

Model 32942 T

Manufacturer Trailer LLC, Stupino Allowed max. weight, kg 500 Weight without load, kg 185

Specialized motorcycle trailer. A steel gutter with an arc under the front wheel of the motorcycle is fixed in its body. The second gutter is a loading ramp. Straps with ratchet winches included. And a lean crossover and a fat chopper drive into the trailer and lock into the stall easily and reliably. There is no need to put tires on the motorcycle and to stick with old quilted jackets - it costs not to budge. The awning of impressive size allows you to hide from the weather and bulky luggage - furniture, refrigerator, etc. It is not necessary to fear that such a delicate load will shake on bumps - the spring suspension is very soft. But with the tent installed, sailing is great - it’s expensive to go faster than 80 km / h, you won’t get enough gasoline. The drawbar for the sake of compactness is relatively short and maneuvering in reverse requires skill.

The traditional way of attaching the awning to the sides - with a rope through hooks and grommets, is unreliable and uncomfortable: the rope glides poorly and gradually weakens in motion. Rubber rings from car cameras may not be so beautiful, but more reliable. We write in plus the opportunity to easily convert the trailer into a waterproof double tent.

On a galvanized body, not a trace of rust. Plastic wings did not crack or warp. Weak spot - lights and wiring.

Model 8213

Manufacturer ZAO TD Kurgan Trailers Permitted max. weight, kg 650 Weight without load, kg 180 kg

The most compact and lightweight trailer in our park. He showed his best side. It is possible to transport long meters up to 6 m: the front and rear sides are tilted or removed, and the drawbar is extended. And it’s convenient to store it upright. The only salvation for owners of tight garages in big cities. The trailer is very light on the go, convenient in maneuvering backward, does not ride and almost does not rattle on the road.

The picture is spoiled by poor coloring - body elements have peeled off and are completely overgrown with rust. The front position lamps, constantly washed with mud, have rotted to the root. However, the benefit from them was dubious - after several kilometers of movement in bad weather they completely overgrown with dirt. The taillights are better to disassemble and clean once a year - the ubiquitous dirt still finds holes in them.

Model 829800

Manufacturer LLC "Trailer", the same Stupino

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