NIKITA AFANASIEV, trainer of the highest category in sambo and judo. DMITRY PANOV, master of sports in sambo

In the life of everyone - especially road users - conflict situations occur, and the culprit of the incident is often they who make you. No one is safe from “set-ups”, hitting and simply lawlessness - you have to think in advance how to avoid such situations and how to get out of them.


They called you - in a traffic jam, at a crossroads, at a gas station … no matter. Answer or not? And what if you are threatened to use physical force?

To begin with, it’s good to estimate the balance of forces, as well as assess the psychophysical state of the enemy. Drunk smell and cheeky movements. The “wrestlers” from drugs are calculated by the glass look. People in this state are usually insane, and therefore anything can be expected from them. And it’s better not to provoke anyone again, but … But you should remember that your humble appearance and slouching shoulders will add fuel to the fire of your opponent’s fury! It is better to choose a middle ground - they say you understand the reason for his displeasure and are ready to seek a compromise. This option is quite suitable even with a raging "bull": it is best to wait - let wave with your hands, and then, most likely, calm down. If the situation, on the contrary, is heating up, then you can embed your opponent’s lower leg on the inner side of the sole of your boot …

Stop - calm down! Well, if you hit, then you need to "cut" the first blow! Remember the slogan from the movie "Sniper": "One shot - one body." We are not going to shoot, but we need to firmly grasp it: if you are tackling something, then do it either well or not at all. And if a person does not know how to fight, but tries, then he will cause only a new wave of rage …

The basis of the psychological base of any person is confidence in their own rightness and the ability to defend it even in front of superior enemy forces. There are no template situations here - you always need to start from the fact that you have only one health and if you are "enough" with a tire-mount, then the injury can turn into a disability.

Even contact martial arts experts look at the emotional seizures of the interlocutor as a “manner of communication” during a conversation. As for people who are not fighters, the main thing for them is not to fuss, not to make excuses, and if not right, then calmly admit it, keep calm under any circumstances, even if it’s pretense … If a person is calm, then I’m sure of myself, and if I’m sure, there is every reason for this - even the last moron without an incomplete secondary education and the presence of brain convolutions will come to this conclusion.


And if the situation, despite all your attempts to avoid the fight, still got out of control?

If you are alone - do not meddle in trouble! They will give cuffs - well, survive. They will take the car - and this is far from the worst that can happen to you. But if your family is with you - wife, children, parents, and they are in danger, then fight for them until the end! A real person is ready to risk his life and health for the sake of relatives, relatives and friends, he will stand up for the weak and women, not demanding anything in return. You will have a huge psychological advantage and the desire to fight for victory at any cost.

By the way, the boxers say: "The big closet falls louder." Indeed, the “krupyany”, as a rule, are accustomed to a servile attitude towards them, therefore they rarely expect an effective rebuff. You can take advantage of the achievements of civilization - for example, a gas cylinder with an extract of red pepper. Even better - a barrelless gun PB-4 ("Wasp") traumatic action. The kinetic energy of the “Wasp” 16 mm bullet at a distance of 1 m is approximately 120 J, which is equivalent to the blow of a professional heavyweight boxer. In any case, after hitting the rubber wasp of the Wasp, the aggressor will probably have neither the desire nor the ability to continue illegal actions.


If you seriously decide to master the art of confronting street conflicts, then forget about the regular section of fashionable taekwon-do - oh, how beautifully they break the plaques in front of admiring high school students! On the street, this will not be useful to you. To acquire skills for street fighting, you need (do not be surprised!) At least two years of classes in a serious sports club in the applied field. There you will be correctly taught complex martial arts, and most importantly - protection from all sorts of aggressive actions. If you want to find such a club, you will find: there would be a desire.