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Nissan Maxima In Detail. Trust Loan


Video: Nissan Maxima In Detail. Trust Loan

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Video: Nissan Maxima | Авто не для России 2023, January
Nissan Maxima In Detail. Trust Loan
Nissan Maxima In Detail. Trust Loan

In fact, unpopular in Europe (primarily because of the strong competition between BMW and Mercedes) and not too popular at home (where Nissan makes the main bet on wagons with increased capacity), this car in Russia “went to the people ". The most popular are the “maxims” of the last two generations (see. History of the model). The executive sedan turned out to be relatively affordable (eight-year-olds cost about 10 thousand dollars), so they are often bought not only for travel, but also for delivery.

"Maxim" does not imply cheap finishes and an "empty" interior - the situation obliges. In both generations, the basic equipment included airbags, ABS, power steering, climate control. Do not forget the CD changer in the trunk, coupled with good Clarion music. For a surcharge, xenon headlights, electric seats, cruise control and alloy wheels with increased dimensions were offered (R16 for the “32nd” model and R17 for the “33rd”).

Overseas Relatives

Although only European “maxims” were officially sold in Russia, both “Japanese” and “American” are found on the used car market. In the USA, in addition to the Maxima itself, the new Altima created on its platform (the old one was a relative of the Examples), as well as the top Infiniti I30 and I35, were sold. These models are distinguished by the richest equipment and forced engines. In Japan, the right-hand drive analogue of Maxima is named Cefiro and, unlike the European version, is also available with a station wagon.

Japanese and American cars have proven themselves well in Russia, there were no complaints about the 2.5-liter engine with direct fuel injection on the "Japanese" (it can be distinguished by the NeoDi inscription on the cover). The main problems lie in wait for the owners of these machines during body or modular repairs. Official dealers do not have information on overseas "maxims", not to mention spare parts: you will have to order yourself and patiently wait for delivery.


The second and third generations of “Maxims” remained faithful to the V-shaped “sixes” - only such engines are found on these machines. Even a two-liter engine with six cylinders. Europeans have a poor choice: in addition to the weakest two-liter, there is only a gluttonous three-liter unit - no 2.5 Di. Some of the engines of the second generation “Maxim” were equipped with an intake manifold with variable geometry, in the third generation all motors received it. By modern standards, the "Europeans" are not too forced - about 70 liters. with. with a liter of working volume. Therefore, the enviable resource of the cylinder-piston group is not surprising - an average of more than 350 thousand km.

A headache for many owners - the timing belt is missing here as such. The camshafts drive a chain, but an unusual scheme: one chain transmits torque to two intake camshafts (they are located in the center), and exhaust shafts are driven from them by two short chains. Three chain tensioners are hydraulic, so the oil must be filled in seasonally and changed at each maintenance (every 15 thousand km). Plunger wear can be determined by the noise of the circuit (especially when starting a cold engine). To replace the tensioners, it is not necessary to disassemble the entire drive - a special hatch is provided. If the tensioners are in good condition, the chains run more than 300 thousand km. The timing gaps here are regulated by washers, but usually this is only required when the engine is being rebuilt - they almost do not leave up to 200 thousand km.

Engines "Maxims" are very sensitive to the quality of antifreeze. The use of any liquid other than the original L250 (it is changed every 60 thousand km) terminates the warranty. The pump (it is also driven by a chain here) sometimes starts to leak, a drainage hole is provided for the removal of antifreeze. A small leak does not require intervention and is not even considered a defect, but in case of such a pump, be sure to replace it.

The control system as a whole is reliable. The motor will not start only if the crankshaft and camshaft position sensors malfunction, but their failures are rare. More often than others, the mass air flow sensor fails, while significantly increasing fuel consumption. Failure of the idle speed controller leads to unstable engine operation when the gas pedal is released. Both nodes can sometimes be restored by washing, but more often they have to be changed. You can diagnose the control system yourself: just close the corresponding contacts in the diagnostic connector and turn on the ignition - the “check engine” light will blink the fault code.

Candles on "Maxim" - with individual ignition coils. The original ones are platinum, in Russia their service life is officially half that in Europe: 45 thousand km against 90. They do not withstand more. You can use ordinary candles, but they will have to be changed one and a half times more often.


The main transmission for the executive class is, of course, an “automatic machine”. At the "Maxim" it is electro-hydraulic, four-stage. Unfortunately, not a problem. The need for repair is caused by various reasons: wear of clutch packages, failure of the torque converter lock-up system in high gear, deformation of the valve body valve mechanism. Of course, a lot depends on the operating conditions. So, despite the steel pan, the automatic gearbox is very sensitive to contacts with obstacles: even a small dent can cause oil starvation by compressing the filter located almost close to the pan. The manual does not provide for oil change, but in difficult conditions (which can be safely attributed to operation in Russia), pouring fresh Dexron of the IIE or III grade every 60, 000 km is only good (the filter does not need to be changed). Fortunately, the main malfunctions of the automatic transmission are diagnosed during a test drive, so when buying a car, be sure to check the "automatic" in all modes.

The "mechanics" have their own weak spot. Oddly enough, these are bearings: pitting on raceways leads to a noticeable noise in motion. However, this happens closer to 200-250 thousand km, and the bulkhead of the box allows you to forget about the problem for a long time. There are no other complaints. GL-4 gear oil (the optimum viscosity for Russia 75W90) is filled for the entire service life. Clutch - with hydraulic drive and auto-drive. It regularly serves 100-150 thousand km.

Both boxes have a viscous coupling version (their index ends with the letter V, in contrast to A for conventional gearboxes). You can determine the type of box by twisting the front wheel. If the second is spinning in the opposite direction - the box is normal, if in the same - with viscous coupling. The oils for them are the same as for ordinary boxes.

CV joints are practically eternal, provided that the covers are intact, and those from a durable elastomer, harder and more elastic than ordinary rubber. Bearings, both front and rear, go more than 120 thousand km.

The braking mechanisms of all wheels are disc, in the front - two-piston. In machines with an “automatic machine” and a three-liter engine, the pads have to be changed quite often - about every MOT, by the next MOT - along with the disks. With "mechanics" consumption is about half that. The working fluid needs to be changed every 30 thousand km, but replacement of hoses is not provided. Of course, this does not eliminate the need to inspect them during maintenance.


When designing the front suspension, the designers opted for the McPherson, which is more familiar with lower class cars. Be that as it may, such a circuit is reliable and easy to repair. The suspension of two generations is almost identical (except for the rear silent block) and quite durable. Most often (60–70 thousand km), it is necessary to change the stabilizer struts. Ball joints are almost eternal, sometimes survive even silent blocks of the lever (the original is sold only in the assembly). Shock absorbers withstand more than 100 thousand km, if you regularly monitor their covers. Torn gum - guarantee quick wear of the coating on the stock. The strut support usually survives a shock absorber.

Riding with the wheels turned all the way to the end completes the plastic limiters of the rotation angle. If in extreme positions there is a knock - it is time to change parts, they cost a penny. The “hanging” knock is sometimes hidden in a completely different place - for example, in an unregulated hood lock.

The rear suspension is also simple: a beam on the trailing arms with a Scott-Russell mechanism (the Panara traction variant, which eliminates lateral movements). It is very reliable in operation, but it is very sensitive to impacts, especially at the rear (in this case, longitudinal arms that are not designed for compression are folded). It is necessary to monitor the condition of the shock absorber covers here. Check the mobility of the headlights of the headlight range control sensors - jammed, they knock. To bring them back to life will allow a good portion of the lubricant (SHRUS, SHRB).


Even in meticulous Japanese, a rare car leaves the assembly line without congenital diseases. Not an exception and "Maxim". The steering rack became a fragrant fly in the ointment in this barrel of honey. The most annoying thing is that the knock that appears in some to 80 thousand km, and in others - only to 180, can hardly be called a malfunction: there is practically no backlash in the mechanism. Yes, and the defect does not progress in the future, but try to convince the buyer of an expensive car that drum roll on the go is now the norm of his life! During the warranty period, the expensive rail is changed for free, then - at the expense of the client. Is it worth it, decide for yourself: handling does not suffer, the fluid does not go away. Adjustment of the clearance in engagement and repair of the mechanism by the manufacturer are not provided. In addition, in any case, the rail has to be dismantled.

And the rest, a beautiful marquise - all is well. Tips serve more than 100 thousand km. There is no problem with the hydraulic booster pump either, only on very old machines there is a leak on the hose clamp, it is enough to tighten it.


It’s useless to look for rust on the body of an unbroken “Maxima” under the age of eight years old - unless enamel chips on the hood grow rusty. But to look into the eyes - that is, into the fog lights - is worth it. Their glasses are relatively resistant to temperature extremes (although, sometimes, they crack from snow), but they do not hold well on the impact of stones.

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