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For Your Car
For Your Car


Name - Rhodes-001 hydraulic chain tensioner and Rhodes-002 chain tensioner.

Estimated price - 320 rubles. and 300 rubles. respectively.

The Rhodes Science and Technology Center approached the chain fixation in a new way in working condition by creating the Rhodes-001 hydraulic tensioner. By reducing the force of the tension spring, the pusher displacement step, as well as by changing the geometry of the surface of its moving part, the developers achieved a reduction in specific loads on the timing drive elements.

Rhodes-001 can traditionally be paired with a shoe, but there is another version of the chain tension device: in Rhodes-002, the shoe is replaced by an asterisk on the bearing.

The manufacturer reports that the "Rhodes" paired for long-lasting engine performance. Such mechanisms are intended for engines ZMZ-406, 405, 409 and VAZ 2101 … 2107.

Intercom in the car

Name - immobilizer.

Estimated price - 160 at. e.

The Petersburg product Pwi-5Dsr is a multifunctional immobilizer with contact management of the company "Polar Wolf". It allows you to simultaneously block up to five independent circuits, as well as simulate a malfunction of the engine. Locks are carried out using a code relay that looks similar to standard automotive relays. The electronic control unit Touch Me-mory controls the system - exactly like the key to the doorphone. Touch this very key to the reader installed in the passenger compartment, and the protection is off. Pwi-5Dsr can work both independently and in conjunction with any car alarm - in this case, the immobilizer will be activated using a key fob.


Name - anti-theft system.

Estimated price - from 2400 to 2600 rubles. without installation.

The way to not overshadow the New Year holidays is offered by the Yekaterinburg Bridge LLC. The brand-new Ultra BL-EK anti-theft locks exist in four versions: for Chevrolet Niva and VAZ 2110 (both with automatic starter cut-off), as well as simpler ones - again for VAZ 2110 and VAZ 2108. It is clear that the latter are also suitable for the Oka or GAZ 3110. These modifications differ only in the electrical circuit; in addition, the Chevrolet Niva option is completed with two parts for mounting a standard immobilizer antenna. The installation will take from 400 to 600 rubles.


Name - wiper relay.

Estimated price - 53 rubles.

Have you heard the weather forecast for New Year's Eve? Probably precipitation … Gazelevody can be prepared in advance, since Energomash CJSC has mastered a new product - relay 72.3777 (analogue 932.3747) for a wiper and a washer on Gazelle cars. The manufacturer notes the advantages of the new product: firstly, the increased stability of characteristics achieved by the use of imported element base, surface mounting technology and pouring circuit elements with special sealant; and secondly, increased operational reliability by removing heat through an aluminum base. Let's see how the herds of gazelles react …


The name is battery.

Estimated cost - 1160 rubles. (with a capacity of 57 A.h).

The Belarusian branch of the company “Ikside” (Exide) - JV “Polesie accumulators” mastered the production of the battery “Zubr Magnum”, which is positioned as “enhanced calcium”. According to the manufacturers, the starting characteristics of the new product are approximately 30% higher than the capabilities of average brethren, and the increased backup battery capacity will be appreciated in winter conditions.


Name - safe parking system.

Estimated price - 2250 rubles.

New Year's hurry, snowdrifts around, you have to call in twenty places, quickly attach a car somewhere, run back and forth - in general, time pressure! And how inopportune right now is an annoying dent or a bumper in the parking lot - the mood is just for holiday! OJSC “Kaluga Avtopribor Plant” decided to “lay straws” and put on sale its own version of the “safe parking system” - in other words, parking sensors. The device is activated when the reverse gear is engaged, notifying the driver of the distance to the obstacle by light and acoustic signals. Two sensors are mounted in the rear bumper. One thing only: Parktronic does not relieve the driver of responsibility for driving under a degree.


Name - wiper blades.

Estimated price - 80 rubles.

St. Petersburg company "Horse" has released universal wiper blades made of high polymer silicone with a special lock and springs. Quick installation of the tape is provided by the guide metal plates, and spring locks of a new design fix the tape in the brush. The guide plates have notches that allow you to adapt the tape to the most popular wiper sizes - from 500 to 540 mm. Therefore, products are suitable for almost any car.


Name - high voltage wires.

Estimated price - from 360 to 1700 rubles.

NGK Spark Plugs, one of the world leaders in the production of candles, offers wires for domestic cars: VAZ, GAZ, Moskvich and IL.


Name - drive belts.

Estimated price - from 90 to 590 rubles.

Who wants to get stuck in the middle of the road on New Year's Eve because of a torn belt - generator or timing? To prevent this from happening, you need to monitor their condition and change on time. By the way, the German company Finwhale has expanded its product range with V-ribbed, V-ribbed, and timing belts for Russian cars. A surprise for the owners of front-wheel drive VAZs is the reinforced timing belts, which, according to manufacturers, will cover 150, 000 km. Check it out?


Name - FuelMax magnetic frequency resonator.

Estimated price - from $ 60

For the invention of this thing they gave the Nobel Prize. The "right" seller will tell you just that. They say that all domestic gas magnetizers are from the evil one, but overseas they approached the matter thoroughly and achieved 27% fuel economy. And all because patented neodymium conductors generate a special resonance frequency, which breaks up hydrocarbon clusters in the fuel passing through the magnetic field … Is it not all clear? We will explain.

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