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Trends: Alternatives To ICE Descendants Will Be Bored?


Video: Trends: Alternatives To ICE Descendants Will Be Bored?

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Trends: Alternatives To ICE Descendants Will Be Bored?
Trends: Alternatives To ICE Descendants Will Be Bored?

At first glance, the problems do not seem everyday: we live today, and the rest is the lot of science fiction writers.

This is just one consumer point of view. But in the world of automotive industry (and not only), many far-sighted minds are busy looking for alternative energy sources. And if you combine efforts, demonstrate the latest technology to each other? To see one’s own and others’s achievements with one's own eyes, to discuss the pros and cons, to attract the press.

Thus was born the “Challenge Bibendum” - a worldwide view of environmentally friendly vehicles under the patronage of the Michelin company. (Recall: Bibendum, a funny inflatable man is her emblem.) This year, this event, which has already become traditional, was held in Shanghai.

We are used to the cycling stereotype in China's perception. But times are changing, today Shanghai is a city of booming automotive industry. Large assembly plants and powerful companies supplying parts are located here. Moreover, the Automobile City construction program is being implemented, where research centers, test sites, and educational institutions will be concentrated. Proof of this is the brand new track of the formula 1, embodying the gigantic scale of the project. Yes, today in China there are no more than 30 million motor vehicles and 530 million bicycles! However, according to experts, the fleet in the next 10–20 years will reach 176 million units, and environmental problems, road safety will come to the fore.

Already, the gates of the Middle Kingdom are opening for advanced technologies that developed countries are ready to share. The scale of investment and the pace of industrial construction are, frankly, staggering. Assembly plants grow like mushrooms after the rain, where there Moscow elite construction. I admit, from what I saw, my head just goes around. This is my first time at such an event. I can guess from the eyes of colleagues - and they are not able to analyze the entire flow of information.

And “The Challenge of Bibendum” is only gaining momentum. The opening ceremony died down and off and on. A review of the strategy on the issues of traffic, environmental pollution, safety, transportation … Although I quietly give up, because I am far from the nuances of international politics, even in these automotive areas.

Another thing is a few dozens of cars lined up next to the boxes on the Formula 1 track. Here, Bosch has set up a whole gamut: BMW, Audi, Volkswagen. At first glance, ordinary cars, only diesel. All the trick is in the latest injection systems, which can significantly reduce harmful emissions. A little further, the new Toyota Prius with its hybrid powerplant.

All these are familiar brands and models, but there are also those that are difficult to call a car. But they are moving - no matter where the energy comes from. Garlands of batteries, including solar, hydrogen, oxygen and all kinds of combinations on the fuel and electric theme. Here, it seems, an obvious layout: the openwork frame is covered in places with plexiglass. And if you look at the technical specifications - it turns out that this thing is capable of accelerating to 160 km / h and has a power reserve of more than 400 kilometers. I sit in the Ford Focus, in fact, an electric car fueled by a hydrogen engine.

Interesting! A short parting word - and under the measured buzz of the power plant we hit the road. Oh yeah! It will be boring to ride our descendants. Somewhere there, deep in the bowels of the car, the tonality of the sound changes, and the car smoothly (a trolley bus and only) accelerates. I would like to comment: “Thirty seconds, normal flight.” By the end of the first minute, the speedometer needle freezes at around 100 km / h. I look at the instructor: they say, everything? He nods. Well, unusual, very quiet, and most importantly, there are practically no emissions.

I'm moving to the diesel Mini Cooper. Well, what will surprise you? As it turns out very quickly, everything is the same. The car seems to be there, but the engine … He, of course, roared at the start, quite cheerfully dispersed the car to 100–110 km / h, but then faded and dejectedly dragged on the “environmentally friendly” song. But under the wheels the excitement asphalt of the race track with tricky and insidious turns. Oh, there would be another "Mini", with the nameplate "S"!

There were many more: different in status, power, driver’s temperament. Others even made it possible to reach more than 200 km / h. But a feeling of some constriction, limited opportunities was invariably present on the entire test route. Obviously, a steady tightening of the requirements forces designers to compromise, to pacify primarily driver’s ambitions.

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