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Insurance. Commissioners - Who Are They?

Video: Insurance. Commissioners - Who Are They?
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Insurance. Commissioners - Who Are They?
Insurance. Commissioners - Who Are They?


Question for filling: to whom in St. Petersburg they call 001? From the scene of an accident around the clock? The correct answer is “emergency commissioners”. The name of the profession sounds mysterious, because so far few people outside of Peter have dealt with them. We emphasize: bye!

Emergency commissioner services are growing quickly and quietly, like mushrooms. They are already in 30 cities of Russia - from Murmansk to Vladivostok. The All-Russian Union uniting them was created … But more on that later. First, we will leave with one of the fifty commissioners of the St. Petersburg company LAT at the scene.

… The dispatcher girl receives a call from the driver of the Nine, who scratched the starboard side of the Mercedes on Nevsky and calls the traffic police. There were no injuries, otherwise she would have called an ambulance first. We sit with Andrei in the Oka with a special coloring book and the numbers 001 on the hood. These maneuverable cars allow “avarkom” to get to the scene of an accident in 15-30 minutes. Moscow colleagues came to get experience, criticized Oka: “It's not prestigious! We deliver pizza to such people!” And they proposed the optimal, in their opinion, option: the station wagon “four” with a scooter in the luggage compartment. Cool, but when else will it be …

In the meantime, on the "prestigious" Oka, we arrived before the traffic police. Andrei introduces himself to the client and asks to show the insurance policy. Everything is in order: the insurance company of the owner of "nine" has an agreement with LAT. But the avarkom can be called without any contract - however, in this case you will have to pay for its departure.

From the normative document “Responsibilities of the emergency commissioner”: “Provide psychological support to the Client upon arrival”

The client from the "nine" from stress is clearly chilly. But to a state of shock far - not the one, thank God, the case. To finally reassure, it is enough to ask him to help in drawing up a diagram of an accident - for example, hold the end of the roulette wheel …

“Inspect the scene of an accident, photograph damage”

The avarcom has a whole arsenal in the trunk: traffic cones to protect the accident site, a professional first-aid kit, measuring accessories, a powerful “blaster” lamp for night work, a digital camera … Very often, these images are useful for traffic police analysis groups.

“Assist in identifying eyewitnesses to the incident”

The client, even if not injured, often overlooks them. They left, dispersed … And the commissioner usually finds someone. Here is at least a hawker selling ice cream on the sidewalk.

“Counteract the physical and psychological pressure on the Client by third parties, if necessary, call the guard through the dispatcher”

In 1998, when emergency commissioners appeared in St. Petersburg, this was almost their main function. Since then, mores, says Andrei, have become more civilized. And the “commissioner” masters did not bode well for the call of the commissioner, and they usually rush to retire.

“Provide legal advice to the Client when preparing documents at the scene of the incident”

This refers to the police protocol, which the accident participants are often not able to delve into. And, of course, the notorious “Traffic Accident Notice”, which is necessary for paying out money by an insurance company: it’s not so easy to fill it in correctly, and the traffic police inspector is not an adviser in this …


In St. Petersburg, many insurance companies issue CTP and AvtoKASKO policies along with a “gift” - the right to call an emergency commissioner free of charge. This generosity is surprising only at first glance. A smart insurer pays for customers by no means at a loss to himself; car dealers save him a lot of money.

In the analytical group of LAT, they showed me a bunch of fresh Avarkom reports about dubious accidents. Here, for example, Audi A4 with a dented bumper and left wing. The owner said that he had left him near the edge last night, and that afternoon, when he left the house, he saw damage. But the commissioner did not find a piece of paint flying off near the car. And most importantly (this is clearly visible in the photographs attached to the report), Audi has wet tires and wheel arches, even though the asphalt around is dry. So, the car drove through a puddle, but not yesterday, but relatively recently. There is a clear insurance fraud. Avarkom, however, writes his conclusion cautiously: "Presumably the damage to the car could have formed at another time and in another place" …

- Why such delicacy? - I ask.

- The emergency commissioner has the qualifications of an interrogator, but does not replace him. We simply draw the attention of the insurer to specific problems, and to make a decision is his business …

According to experts, every tenth claim for an insured event is fraud. It is very difficult for insurers to deal with this - after all, they do not go to the scene of an accident, but work with papers. The traffic police inspector will not help either, he only fixes the damage, and thinking about the reasons for their occurrence is not his task. And if the documents are drafted smoothly, fraudsters usually get the insured amount.

Emergency commissioners are the worst enemies to rogues. An experiment was carried out in St. Petersburg: an accident was carefully studied, where the insured had the right to call an avarkom for free, but for some reason did not. 70% of these incidents were clearly falsified, and the remaining 30 raised serious doubts …


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