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We Deregister. General Run

We Deregister. General Run
We Deregister. General Run

In ancient times, this was called one of the punishments in the tsarist army. The unfortunate soldiers were dragged along the line, each of whom beat him with a ramrod on the back. In the vocabulary of those whose youth fell on the “wild capitalism” of the early nineties, “run” is interpreted as “deception, deliberate misrepresentation”. Our readers, for the most part, are peaceful and law-abiding people, just encounter such “runs”.


In the nineties, the term "sale by general power of attorney" came into use, which from the legal point of view is actually nonsense. Now, due to a number of circumstances, the “generalka” goes into the shadows, then she ruled the ball, but not from a good life: many needed to quickly sell the car without hassle. To remove it from the register, the queue for the coveted window in the MREO had to take a few days - or look for disinterested "assistants" in police uniform. That is how our reader, Vladimir E., eight years ago said goodbye to his “Zhigulenk”. He had an accident then, repaired - and sold. After that, by the way, I did not dare to buy another car. He had already forgotten to think about his short-lived, not-so-happy ending to the automobile past, but recalled … the tax inspectorate. So, they say, and so, dear, pay the transport tax for your VAZ 2106 car and sleep peacefully. Go find out how many “riders” the “Zhiguli” has changed during this time, but to pay - for everyone! - suggested to Vladimir. Naturally, I did not want to do this, so he went to the search department of the traffic police department at the place of residence. They refused to remove the car from the register or to search for it. Not quite at all - they promised to help, but … only if the owner brings documents and state numbers. Then, with a dear soul and a clear conscience, they will remove the car from the register! But where can I get them? Vladimir was far from Sherlock Holmes in the detective business, so he came to the editorial office for advice.


First, let’s explain: Vladimir asked the traffic police to find the car in vain. The State Inspectorate is engaged in many matters, including the search for a stolen motor vehicle, but no one has stolen a car from our reader. So they sent him off quite legally. But there is another article of the law to which his case can be attributed. The general power of attorney by which the reader handed over his car to another person has long expired. During this time, the car belonging to him according to the documents was not deregistered, but was not returned to the rightful owner. And this, in fact, can be qualified as the misappropriation of another's property, that is, ordinary theft. Speaking in the official language - Part 1 of Article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Or fraud (article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) - this is when someone, having abused the trust of the owner, misappropriated someone else's property. And this already belongs to the competence of the police, which, in the apt expression of the revolutionary tribune, saves us. And we advised Eugene to go to the police department at the place of residence. Theft is according to their department.

Soon the fairy tale affects, but not soon, as you know, the thing is done. The officer on duty, after listening to the victim, explained that with the receipt of the application for the theft of property acquired by righteous labor, one would have to wait: the operative in the operation. A few hours later, Vladimir realized that the employees simply did not want to receive his statement about the theft of the Lada, so he went to the editorial office for new advice.

Well - there was another proven means of influencing police officers in our arsenal. The next day, a registered letter with the notification and statement of the victim was sent to the address of the Department of Internal Affairs. To him, he attached a copy of the registration card, which he obtained in the traffic police. And what? We got another proof that only with a piece of paper (even such a trifle as a notification of delivery of a registered letter) you are a person! A few days later, the head of the traffic police registration department (!) Called Vladimir E. home (!) And suggested stopping at any convenient time in order to deregister the car belonging to Vladimir.

Stop, the attentive reader will say: what does the traffic police officer have to do with it, if our hero sent a letter to the police? Vladimir was surprised too. “Do not worry, everything is correct,” the interlocutor snapped into the telephone receiver. - You sent a letter to the police department, and they sent it to us. We figured out and made a legal decision. So,”the head of the traffic police registration department continued with slight reproach, “go to window number three on a weekday and the car will be deregistered in two accounts.”

And so it happened: the next day, as soon as Vladimir was at the coveted window and gave his last name, he was taken to his chief's office. He immediately handed E. a document on the removal of the VAZ 2106 car from the register “for subsequent disposal,” although he complained at the same time about his persistence.

Why did we tell this story? And to the fact that now, when the tax inspection collects the transport tax, options with cars sold by "generalka" will pop up more and more. It is clear that God knows how many years ago cars (and they are counted hundreds of thousands of units across the country) go to the police and the traffic police do not want to - the painfully ungrateful task. Yes, deregistration for disposal without providing documents and the machine itself is a completely legal procedure, but it is also not liked by the traffic police. But what if someday the real owner still shows up and gets his portion of trouble for driving around a "non-existent" vehicle? A very complicated “recovery from ashes” procedure is ahead.

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