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Competition. Crackers

Video: Competition. Crackers
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Competition. Crackers
Competition. Crackers

True answer - almost a thousand. It was not easy to determine the winner. Luck fell Valentina DIKAREVA from the suburbs. He gets a prize of 6, 000 rubles. and the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 4 winter tire kit.

It is clear that the twenty-first task is far from the most difficult, but some deep meaning is hidden in it. We hoped that motorists, especially inexperienced ones, would think about it with benefit for themselves.

In our case, there are situations that, depending on the quick wits of the driver and his further actions, can end in different ways. The fact that for one it remains an easy adventure, for the other turns out to be a huge material loss: well, remember, how much is a serious engine repair now! But that is not all. Suddenly “boiling” the engine, you can be late for an important meeting, not to take the patient to the doctors on time, but somewhere in the desert places this is a direct threat to the driver’s life!

What could happen in our case? Almost everyone answers: most likely, the thermostat was faulty (the main valve stuck, stuck, etc. in the open position or the previous owner “well-intentioned” simply threw his “guts” out of the device). Indeed, in such cases, the motor is very reluctant to warm up even in the warm season.

But the thermostat was replaced, and the motor - immediately after starting - began to overheat quickly. What is the reason? Unfortunately, many give the most common (and just as banal!) Explanation: Georgich, they say, is a real "kettle" who forgot about the air jams that appeared in the system during the discharge of "Tosol". The most stubborn people think that it’s enough to say this - and the prize is in your pocket. But many were found who did not stop at the air congestion: there are other reasons for overheating. One of the readers told how his “seven” motor was overheating due to the skew of the bypass valve of the thermostat (a significant part of the liquid in the radiator was no longer cooling). True, this would not cause overheating at idle.

Is there a possible failure of the temperature sensor, on command of which the electric fan is turned on? Of course! But a strange coincidence is obtained: they barely replaced the thermostat - the sensor is over! However, there is a more sophisticated version: the sensor, they say, is still sour from the previous owner - and then … Then the fantasy is farther: there would be no need to replace the sensor (just a minute!) - the owner preferred dirty mess with the thermostat, deciding to crack its valves so that “Tosol”Circulated over a large circuit - and this was“compensated”by an idle fan. A strange decision … Again, isn’t it easier to connect the fan directly? In addition, it is worth remembering that it is the airflow of the radiator that is of paramount importance: if there is no breeze, then during heavy engine operation no circulation will save from overheating!

Here is a refined version: the dirt accumulated in the radiator (even with the previous owner), which interrupted the heat transfer. To get out of the situation, the cunning motorist hacked the thermostat - let all the fluid go "in a big circle"! And Georgich, of course, did not know about this, so overheating began with the new thermostat (even switching to a large circuit!). Here, only one detail confuses us: if the radiator is very dirty, then it is he who will limit the transfer of heat from liquid to air. Even having cracked the thermostat, you will not be saved from an overheat. It turns out that “hacking” makes sense, in essence, in one case - if the thermostat itself has failed. Or if someone doubts his performance: when there is nowhere to get away from the heat, he still wonders!

And yet, any "cracker" must clearly understand the meaning of the deed - in order for the "Tosol" to circulate along a large circuit, a small one must be shut up. Sane people usually drive a tight plug into the top of the thermostat. But the former owner turned out to be among the originals for whom this trouble is not enough - for some reason they “jam” the pipe on the engine itself. In the first case, installing a new thermostat would bring everything back to normal. In the second, it turned into overheating: there is no circulation, the “Tosol” in a cooling jacket is boiling, and the thermostat is cold - it means it is closed. You can’t go!

… A very strange version: the “kettle” Georgich, changing the thermostat, for some reason mixed up the power supply wires of the electric fan - and that, of course, blew in the wrong direction … We will not discuss further - it is awkward somehow.

So, Georgich was prompted with the absolutely correct way out! Our prize-winner called this situation standard - they say, very many people plug a pipe on the engine, not the thermostat, and then often forget about it themselves. Our mind is seething … and with it the engine!

Congratulations to Valentin Dikarev on a well-deserved award.



To his thoroughness, Vasya Shlykov would have a bit of experience - there was no price for the boy! I was going to clean the Ozone carburetor, for some reason I took it apart to the last spring. But soon “Ozone” flashed brighter than new. The engine started up and worked perfectly at idle. But when Vasya tried to start, the motor stalled … So it was repeated over and over again. Finally, the soaked Vasya got out of the "seven" and began kicking everything that comes across with his feet. A neighbor came running up to the noise, ordered the air filter cover to be removed - and then he called off to Vasya, and after a long laugh he laughed: “Well, you and Kulibin!”

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