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Old Testament
Old Testament

Some 20 years on the assembly line - and last year, VAZ finally stopped production of the old Samara. Her place was taken by "Samara-2", now officially called Lada Samara. The first digit disappeared from the indices: it became Lada 113, 114 and 115.

The first "eights" for their time were so new - here is the front-wheel drive and the unusual three-door body - that they were bought with great caution. But the VAZ 2109 9 / "> VAZ 21099 with the usual three-volume body, which appeared later, went off with a bang, as they say. This experience was not in vain for the plant.

The renewed family opened the sedan: they have long been popular and prestigious in Russia, regardless of class. In 2000, the “fifteenth” of the pilot production completely migrated to the main conveyor. Soon a five-door hatchback appeared, and in the fall of 2004, a three-door. Finally the whole family is assembled. Let's take a closer look at relatives.


The second “Samara” you can’t call fashionable - there is no charm in it, nor a flight of imagination. However, there are no chopped surfaces, there are fewer sharp edges: a well-known nickname "chisel" has gone down in history. The soft profile of the hood, “squinted” headlights, surround front bumper - these are the characteristic features of the silhouette of this car.


The most pompous looks sedan "Lada-115". Raised trunk, opening from the bumper itself, large taillights with dual brake lights, spoiler. And what a profile! The strip of wide molding on the sidewall thanks to the dark inserts merges with the bumpers and visually lengthens the car. The bumpers themselves in body color no longer look like foreign elements, as on old "Samaras". At the front, in addition, the lower edge is lowered and covers the brackets of the front suspension struts, previously defiantly sticking out. In general, it looks good, but how about the point of view of practicality?


With the size of the bumpers, the designers seemed to get excited - the angles of entry and exit decreased, access to the towing eyes worsened. Tie the cable to the back and not to smudge is not so simple. But this is not so bad - in the corners, he is doomed to crawl along the lower edge of the bumper - that look, breaks a piece or breaks itself. But the G8 bumpers were not afraid of contacts and without a trace restored their former shape after collisions even of medium strength.

From the point of view of functionality, the side lining of the updated cars is also meaningless - there wouldn’t have been a rubber price, and a liquid scratching plastic would not save the car - it would fall apart. In addition, kilograms of sand and road dirt accumulate under them.


Hatchbacks 113 and 114 look relatively modern only in front. Even the overlaid bumper with soft contours and a spoiler under the rear window - elements of simple tuning - cannot hide the age of the base model, but there was an upgrade option without a step on the “back of the head”, with “one hundred and fifteenth” lights and a fifth door to the bumper. But then they decided - a little expensive. Today, these elements would be useful to hatchbacks.


The mechanics of the new Samar almost did not change, except that the 1.5 liter engine received an injection instead of a carburetor and slightly modernized the gearbox. “Over the scenes” there were more modern front brakes “tens” and a steering rack with a variable gear ratio, but the steering column with adjustable tilt and 2112 generator with a maximum recoil current of 80 A (“eight” gave only 55) were in demand.

The heater has changed a bit. At Samara-2, it has increased productivity, with a dust filter and without a coolant tap.


The dashboard has found soft contours - to match the exterior. The instrument cluster is the “tenth,” with a speedometer and tachometer, complemented by a clock and a street thermometer (the sensor is hidden under the front bumper). The console is slightly turned to the driver, as on foreign cars.

The steering wheel is “tenth,” but compared to the “Samara,” it’s slightly moved forward, so that a tall driver does not have to unnecessarily overwhelm the back of the seat. The belt locks are fixed on the seats and do not interfere with their longitudinal adjustment to the driver and front passenger.

The main glove is very modest - part of it is reserved for an airbag. When it appears, it is not known, but for now an additional box has been sheltered under the lid, which opens with a button from the main one. However, since the second half of 2004, a trough without a lid has been made instead of it. For the little things on the road there is a small slot in the front of the console and pockets in the upholstery of the front doors and on the backs of the seats. By the way, the “113th” is produced with “eight” door trim and, accordingly, manual windows, the “115th” and “114th” with electric ones.

The back is still cramped. And where does the spaciousness come from - the base has not changed, but the "eight" seats have remained in their places. The back is also continuous. It’s good that it easily develops and you can transport some goods.

The reserve is traditionally laid in a niche in the back of the trunk - it is not very convenient to get it if it is loaded to the top. However, there is no other place: from below, as on the Ode, it is even worse.

The gear shift mechanism has not changed. As before, a fussy newcomer can turn on the back instead of the first - the feeling of a “stubborn” comes with time.

The engine is an old acquaintance: it still easily accelerates the car, pulls well in the entire operating range. Hint at the possibility of a transition (in the future) to an eight-valve 1.6-liter.

If you focus on the sensations, then the comfortable speed of the second “Samar” is about 130 km / h; on the “tens” a little more. At the same time, the car is steered much more sharply than the “tens”, but the increase in effort on the steering wheel does not correspond to what was expected. This is the peculiarity of the behavior of the second “Samar”, inherited from the first.

Driving at high speed even in a straight line requires utmost attention, especially on a hatchback. He (at least three, at least five-door) in his first life was well adapted for energetic driving along complex trajectories, quickly responding to the steering wheel and gas. With a sedan harder. In similar conditions, when discharging gas for tightening into a soft turn, “one hundred and fifteenth” tries to throw the “tail” out. If you also slow down at that moment, the car will turn around, so it’s better not to show sporting ambitions on a sedan.


Lada Samara 113 - in fact, the good old "eight" with a minimum of changes to maintain customer interest in it.

+ Still good speed performance, good handling.

- Small boot volume, no version with a 16-valve engine, cramped rear seat.

Lada Samara 114 - as far as possible, combines the functions of a five-door hatchback and station wagon, which is not in this family.

+ The same as the 113th, 5-door body is more convenient to operate.

- The volume of the trunk is small, the rear seat is cramped, and also, as on the 113th model, it is not cut.

Lada Samara 115 - an updated sedan with a claim to representativeness.

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