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They Write And Shoot Us

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They Write And Shoot Us
They Write And Shoot Us

FROM LIFE OF Hedgehogs

Already from kindergarten I knew that I would have a car. The term “car” meant a car in the general sense of the word, since neither my relatives nor their acquaintances had anything like this before. Rare taxi rides with parents remained vivid and vivid pictures from memory, and the plunger for me was not a plumbing device, but a simulator for working with the gear lever.

Time passed - I got older and went to take on the right. The training “nine” was unpleasantly surprised by the difficulty of getting behind the wheel and the inconvenience of a driver’s seat (my height is “at five to two”) - I was comforted by the fact that in Zhiguli it was not better to hug the steering wheel with your knees. I learned to ride without problems - apparently, training with a plunger helped. True, I passed the practical exam only the third time: the two previous ones included reverse gear instead of the first one (let the constructor of the locking mechanism sleep calmly!). After several hours of driving training and getting rights, I didn’t drive at all for a year and a half: there was nowhere to drive … But my four-wheeled self-desolate dream loomed more and more clearly in the form of accumulated 2, 500 green. And just at that time, a mantra whiskered from the country of fools read on TV: “Like, now with galvanizing …” I recalled articles in the automotive press - about the original and good Oda construct for its time, about the lottery build quality and noise escort from the tractor … I decided to take a closer look, began phoning car dealerships - there was a feeling that the “hedgehogs” were swept right off the wheels of the transporters. Finally found - eggplant. He walked around - it was painted evenly, the cracks were uniform, and the smooth opening of the fifth door on the gas stops caused an association from childhood - like the cover of an imported cassette. A large piece of iron is lying in the trunk (spare wheel mount), the spare wheel itself, a bunch of rear-view mirrors, a jack, a carry and an additional brake light. He sat behind the wheel …

No, again: I sat behind the wheel !!! He didn’t pick himself up in the salon, as in the “nine,” he didn’t dare, as he did in the “classics” of the VAZ, but sat behind the wheel! After this revelation, I was already insane and ran to the cash register, where for 94, 500 re I became the owner of this Soviet ergonomic masterpiece!

He started his car, the guard opened the gate, and I realized that I do not remember HOW TO DO IT - get moving! In order not to be disgraced, he succumbed to the engine revs by suction - he even drove to the gas station. For several minutes I studied the algorithm for using a gas station, poured my FIRST 20 liters and drove into the garage of the room to screw it into place. On the second day of being in the status of a practicing car enthusiast, I discovered that my car had only three gears - IV and V disappeared somewhere. On the fourth day, I realized that between II and III transfers, if you calmly use the lever, there are two more missing steps. That is, before that, after the second, I moved the handle to the right from the shoulder and cut the fifth. That's why my car was growling and could barely accelerate to 30 km / h!

Two months passed, I traveled 3, 000 km. Hedgehog, pah-pah, he didn’t deliver serious bunts - so, either the bible will fail, then the door will jam, then the distributor cover will burn out … I fixed it on my own - I counted on more problems. As a result, he became bolder and picked up on a car on vacation, to Volgograd - this is 1800 km from Yekaterinburg. I scored more spare parts, bought a repair book thicker, sent my bosses who did not let go on legal leave, and went away. Along the way, I found out that the most convenient speed is about 110 km / h in the speedometer when the engine is at max. moment (3000); the cheapest gasoline is in the Saratov region (2 rubles cheaper than ours in the Urals); the most greedy traffic cops are near Samara, and the best car is Izh 2126!

In Volgograd, I was cut by a “nine” toned by the most towing loops, and with my ass lifted so that those traveling behind could be seen from under the muffler … well, I won’t.

After returning to my native Ural Mountains, my eggplant girl spent a couple of months locked up - I didn’t want people to see her like that. Then he received the same insurance and returned the five-door round-leg human (in the sense of automobile) appearance. And here the winter is coming … I didn’t change the rubber, I stayed on my native all-weather Kama-205. The most acute sensation of a winter ride is to take turns: this is when the feed becomes independent and goes not where I need it, but according to its own business. And it’s also great to turn around in the yards - in one place, showering with snow dust from under the wheels of the envious "nine".

In the spring I washed the body, began to look for rust - I did not find it. Or is the car still new, or a good color, or poor eyesight … Or maybe galvanization?

Of course, as a modern car, Oda became hopelessly outdated. Rear axle, carburetor, safety level, ecology, lack of comfort - all this came from the last century. But if I bought a car tomorrow, if I had 4-5 thousand dollars, I would buy an eggplant Izh 2126-030. And if I had collected 6–7 thousand, I would have taken Oda 4x4 …


Today, a huge number of cars have divorced, roaring louder than KamAZ. Throw out regular silencers and put others, in terms of noise, clearly not meeting the standards. And to neighbors who were stunned by the roar, they prove that these “pipes” have a certificate, and the developers have raised the engine's efficiency at their expense … So maybe we’ll drive without silencers? The police have zero emotions: after all, a decade ago you would have been slowed down at the very first post for a burnt out glushak! I was here at an auto show - I went to the stand where it was all exhibited. He asked the firm to present a certificate for noise - they pretended to be deaf and dumb. But the silencer must first of all correspond to the name - jam! I beg you to raise this issue - let the tops and "fathers" of the city at least understand something.

Regards, VALERY

You never came to us, and yet we have a town of drivers! I am sending you a photo of my KZKT - I am in the middle of the picture. So we carry the Komatsu tractor, which costs a million American rubles. By the way, the total mass of the road train is more than 100 tons. From Ust-Kut to Mirny along the winter road - 1, 080 km, there is 530 km to Udachny on the VI category road … in general, more than two thousand (winter roads, river, ice …). In the morning - 62 degrees, in the afternoon - 35. There are no gas stations and nothing at all, therefore we vote only for good cars. Here, despite the frost, Volvo and MAN drive. And our repair and … also ride! I thought - in America, I would probably be driving an Infinity, and then I am driving a Quartet … My soul starts to hurt again with every new magazine - it's a shame to see how people live and what they drive. So tnank you…


In the March issue of ZR, Dmitry Mironov spoke about his LuAZ. Well done, I admire such people! And a little annoying - he got ahead of me with his message … I’m far from him, although I put the engine from VAZ 2101 1 under the hood, and the radiator from 2108 … I’ll be brief: LuAZ is a car that is indispensable for walking AROUND the country house and the nearby forests. But for trips to the country, you need something more modern … Sincerely,


I read the article “Layba and Kora” (ZR, 2004, No. 9) - there is such an ode to Toyota Corolla … I also wanted to “manage my dream” and bought Toyota Avensis 2.0 in Rostov-on-Don on January 3, 2004 at the Toyota Motor Center. After 3, 000 km, the mechanical box in the Dream boomed. The servicemen took a long time to record the buzz on the tape recorder, shake their heads, clatter their tongues and lament: “It buzzes like in Niva … The records were sent to Moscow, but they advised me to go further so that the buzz became stronger. I was so indignant that I began to call Moscow and demand to replace the box, which caused the director's irritation. They gutted the car and abandoned it - I've been waiting for three weeks when a new box comes from Japan. By the way, when the old box was dismantled, they found metal shavings inside! Please write about it - save people time and money. This is not “Dream”, but “Disappointment”, for which I paid $ 30, 000! Respectfully,


Of course, it was not possible to make a BMW from the GAZ-21, but this did not set a goal. She turned out the way I saw her in my imagination.


You are shortsighted with the "ten", which sold after the run! I would remove all the “DRIVING” stickers and launder the body, pay for the platform, drive it back and drive $ 7, 000- $ 7, 500. And then he would come back and take for himself an excellent "Japanese"!

Of course, you will say that the purpose of the race was to study the demand for our wretched cars - besides, their manufacturers probably paid you ahead for everything … Well, successful commercial projects. Respectfully, ARTEM KOPYLOV, ST. PETERSBURG

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