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The Results Of 9 Months. Who Help The Walls

Video: The Results Of 9 Months. Who Help The Walls
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The Results Of 9 Months. Who Help The Walls
The Results Of 9 Months. Who Help The Walls

For 9 months, 839 thousand cars were assembled in Russia (12.6% more than in the three quarters of last year!). Naturally, AvtoVAZ is ahead: during this time, 538, 280 cars were produced in Togliatti - 4.4% more than last year. AvtoVAZ also sent 197, 550 assembly kits to other enterprises in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Ecuador (an increase of 45%).

The second place in terms of passenger car production is still held by the Izhevsk Automobile Plant (by the way, largely due to partnerships with VAZ). For 9 months of this year, Izh-Avto increased production by 17.9% compared to the same period of 2003 (85, 073 cars were produced, about half of them were VAZ 2104 and 2106, the rest were Izh 2126). The Gorky Automobile Plant is also gaining momentum: 55 185 Volga cars were assembled in three quarters - 30.5% more than last year. In Naberezhnye Chelny, over a 9-month mini-car factory, they collected 30, 790 “Oka” mini-cars, and in Serpukhov at SeAZ - 13, 850 more.

New assembly enterprises are gradually increasing the output of machines. The production volume of GM-AvtoVAZ JV, as it was planned, increased to 37.9 thousand Chevrolet Niva all-terrain vehicles, which is 2.9 times more than last year's figures for 9 months. This year, several dozens of Chevrolet Viva cars were also assembled. Their production started on September 23.

In Vsevolozhsk about 20 thousand “tricks” came off the assembly line, and although a new generation was already presented in Paris, the demand for Russian “Fords” is not declining.

TagAZ demonstrated impressive growth rates - over 9 months 17 thousand Hyundai cars were assembled here (almost five times more than in January-September 2003). The Kaliningrad AvtoTOR also pleased us with the release of 11, 096 cars - 75% more than last year. At the same time, the assembly of KIA brand models grew by 68% - to 8855 units, and BMW altogether by 85% - until 1861. In addition, 380 American SUVs Hammer, Trail Blazer and Tahoe were assembled here.

According to analysts, if things go as well, in 2004 about 1.1 million passenger cars will be produced - 8–9% more than in the past. True, we must keep in mind that the automotive market is now entering a phase of saturation: by the beginning of autumn, the lines for most of the popular low-cost foreign cars “made in Russia” have disappeared. So, the end of this year may be for “our brands” not so victorious. We'll see.


Three months ago, when the results of sales of foreign cars for the first half of the year were summed up, rare voices sounded in a series of victorious broadcasts, predicting "the end of rampant growth." Fortunately, these predictions have not yet been confirmed: for 9 months, about 280 thousand cars were sold (taking into account the Chevrolet Niva, for which the plant provides only data on its production). In this case, there were some sensations, however, predicted in advance.

Hyundai, the South Korean company, took the second place in sales, ahead of the long-standing leader - the Japanese Toyota. For 9 months, 33, 627 cars of this brand were sold in Russia, which is 3.5 times higher than sales volumes for the same period last year (9527 units). However, the Koreans' considerable success is quite explainable: less than half of the sold cars (16, 740) were produced in the vicinity of Seoul, and more (16, 887) were welded, painted, and assembled in the southern Russian Taganrog. By the way, if you add to the success of Hyundai 13 529 KIA cars sold in Russia (two companies have long been combined into one concern), you get an impressive figure - forty-seven-odd thousand - every third new foreign car in the country! This is impressive …

But Toyota quietly lost ground, and not without reason, of which the main ones are price increases and the level of service (in Moscow, for example, you have to register for service at least two weeks in advance).

The Japanese Mazda, which sold more cars in the third quarter than in the first two, was truly surprised (and compared with last year, there was an unprecedented increase of more than four times!). The Russians suddenly fell in love with this brand so much that they were ready to wait for the ordered cars for six months or more, and some dealers estimate the right to move from the tail of the line to her head at $ 500. It’s difficult to explain such a fuss - there are no special promotions and sales from Mazda "Was not, even a representative office in Russia opened recently. In general, for the quarter, Mazda rose from 16th to 13th position and may well be one of the top ten by the end of the year.

Among the small sensations, we note small changes in the top ten models - sales leaders in the Russian market. After the triumphant return of the Japanese Nissan to the “dollar zone,” sales of its cars went uphill. Especially good for these 9 months they bought from us a model of the golf class Almera. Over the past three months, she has moved from 11th place to 7th (8, 182 cars sold). But “KIA Rio” from Kaliningrad was not in the top ten for the first time in several years - it took 11th place (6114). Apparently, the recent increase in the price of a small car has affected.

There are no other surprises in the “top ten”. It is still led by the Russian Chevrolet Niva and Ford Focus. As before, the list includes domestic (at the place of assembly), Uzbek, Japanese and Korean cars. “Pure” “Europeans” appear in the popularity rating only at the end of the second ten.

All foreign manufacturers managed to sell about 280 thousand cars from the beginning of the year in Russia, of which almost 120 thousand for the third quarter alone. Like last year, according to the results of 9 months, the market almost doubled, and the fourth quarter was ahead … There We can expect a variety of surprises. Traditionally, on New Year's Eve, another consumer boom occurs, and several interesting models have entered the market. Say, an inexpensive "SUV" "Hyundai Tussan" or "folk" "Volkswagen Poynter." In a word, wait and see.

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