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Raid. Saved On Track

Video: Raid. Saved On Track
Video: The Raid That REMASTERED Destiny - Destiny 2 2023, February
Raid. Saved On Track
Raid. Saved On Track

… From the very early morning we are sitting with a photojournalist in a small house near the television tower in Penza. Together with us in the room is the female dispatcher of the AutoSpas service (or rather, we are with her, because she is on duty). The remaining members of the shift on duty are resting in the next room. From time to time, the speakers come to life, but it’s all small things: somewhere the Zhiguli will not start, there is a minor accident at the railway station (well, they found each other at 7 in the morning!) … It's not for us, they’ll manage drivers and traffic cops themselves. But the signal sounds: the help of "AutoSpas" is required. At the entrance to Penza, the Gazelle flew off the road to a ditch. The crew (and we along with it) quickly loads into a “pill” - this is how rescuers call a specially equipped UAZ. At the wheel - the head of the service Andrey Bychkov himself. At the scene we are already in 25 minutes. So the "Gazelle" sticks out of the ditch. The cause of the accident is understandable - the edge of the road is covered with ice, the car turned around - that's all. The cable is hooked, the winch is slowly starting to pull the Gazelle onto the road. In the meantime, the radio began to rattle in our car again. This dispatcher calls the "pill" - I need help …


In 1994, Andrei Bychkov, having retired from the Armed Forces after seniority (he served in the Airborne Forces, by the way!), Bought a Gazelle and began to carry out cargo transportation. Fairly traveled through the native Penza and neighboring regions. Gradually, the business expanded, but even becoming a director, Andrei often got behind the wheel and pulled the strap along with everyone. On long-distance routes, he came to a simple conclusion: if something happened on the road, he would have to get out himself. No, the driver’s brotherhood did not die, but there are such cases … One day in the late autumn, Andrei Bychkov saw a huge 20-ton truck pulling ice on a ditch. It seemed to summarize the thoughts: we need a special service of "self-rescue".

From books, broadcasts and newspaper publications, he imagined how similar services work abroad. For example, the famous German ADAC. They are armed with powerful towing trucks, mobile medical units, helicopter squadrons, and emergency communications. Andrei had only an idea with which he came to the local department of the Ministry of Emergencies, where he was supported (it happens in Russia too!). Bychkov’s idea was also approved by the Ministry of Transport (by the way, there is a federal target program, but how many people know about this?). However, I had to go around a lot of classrooms to collect all the permits. So in 1997, the company "AutoSpas" was born.

… One of the rescuers quickly inspects the car: it turns out, just ran out of gas! To go with a canister to a gas station is a matter of five minutes. We add fuel, and the device shows that the level is at zero - it is clear that it does not work! “I knew about it, but somehow forgot,” - the girl justifies herself …

They were about to move for lunch, but the radio dispatcher reports: "MAZ tractor broke down on the highway 40 kilometers from the city, a traffic jam may occur." We return to the base, transfer from the “tablet” to the Kamchez Emchees and move to the scene.


Remembering the wagon in the cuvette, Andrey began his rescue service with tow trucks. The role of the technical team was assigned to the army UAZ, by installing a removable powerful winch on it. In the list of equipment at first there was only a trailer for transporting a car (now there are two "real" tow trucks - IVECO and "Goby"). We opened a central control room, where the duty officer received SOS signals around the clock - by telephone or radio at a frequency of 27 MHz. AvtoSpas concluded agreements with several service stations and guarded parking lots - and the work went!

… The huge stalled MAZ rather resembles a tired pack animal, driven to a pulp. KamAZ takes it on a rigid coupling - and forward, to Penza. "Head" (as truckers call the tractor) - for repair, wagon - for a guarded parking lot. I am interested in the MAZ driver, how did he find out about the "auto-rescue" service. “My radio station is constantly working, we share information with each other: where you can eat tasty food, where is normal overnight, and well, where to call a tow truck or technical assistance from … It’s a pity, I didn’t quite reach Saratov,” Alexander laments.

Alas, it seems that today we can’t see the desired borsch - AvtoSpas is waiting in the town of Nizhny Lomov. Serious accident - lunch is canceled. We arrive: the “ten” is completely missing the front end! The driver went to overtake yes, apparently, something did not calculate or the driver’s skills were not enough. He remained well alive, although he definitely broke a couple of ribs. The tow truck was called by a road foreman who saw the accident. The ambulance driver was taken to the local hospital, and we will take care of the car, take to Penza (the owner left the address) …


At first, AvtoSpas employees only provided assistance on the roads of the Penza Region, but soon signals from truckers began to come from Ulyanovsk, Saratov, even from Chelyabinsk. This is how a certain chain of AvtoSpas branches turned out in Moscow, Ryazan, Shatsk, Penza and Saratov. 15 posts are already operating on this segment of the M5 federal highway, but negotiations are underway with Tambov, Saransk, Samara, Ulyanovsk and Chelyabinsk. In case of breakdowns on the road (or, God forbid, accidents), just call (or walkie-talkie), go to traffic cops or gas stations - they will tell you how to call rescuers.

Help will come from the nearest branch. While the broken car is drawn to civilization, the Auto-Spas operator will offer repair options, spare parts prices, overnight accommodation, etc. So the victim immediately clearly understands what, where, when and how much.

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