Along with the usual “Thermotopes”, new products have appeared in the product range that do not consume, but generate electricity. Back in 1991, a Solar sliding sunroof with photocells appeared in the roof of the Audi Coupe. True, the strength of the solar battery at that time was not enough, and therefore the option remained little in demand.


Today, the “sunroof”, which can be ordered for Maybach, Mercedes E-Class, Audi A8, generates enough energy for a regular fan to continuously drive air through the passenger compartment. On a hot day, the temperature in it drops by 20 ° C! And this is in the parking lot, with the engine turned off without consuming current from the battery. When you start off and turn on the air conditioner, it will cool the air much faster than usual - the initial conditions are completely different. The solution captivates with originality: the sun, which heats the roof, will provide energy for cooling the cabin. Enough for food and on-board refrigerator, so that drinks will always be cool. Well, unclaimed watts will gladly accept the battery, so that later it can rotate the starter even more energetically.