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Susa Loves Bucks

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Susa Loves Bucks
Susa Loves Bucks

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The fate of other motorcycles is mysterious and full of upheavals, which the playwrights of Mexican series did not even dream of. An example of this is how the Suzuki TL1000R ended up in my hands and what it has become. The story is rich - I insist on this very word.

It was started by engineers at Ducati, whose creative genius was brought to light by such a masterpiece as Ducati 998. Further events unfolded as follows.

In the distant island of Japan, where people still eat with chopsticks, one small and inconspicuous motorcycle company (either Suzuki, or Karaoke - something like that) decided that it would be nice to include a large 2-cylinder in their production line "liter". Also, eternal rivals from a very dwarf Honda launched the notorious SP1, which at all aroused a turmoil in your soul - you shouldn’t hang your favorite sushi, nor should you go to a geisha to talk about high things. There is also an evil bosses crushing - it requires creating something similar.


Behind this, without hesitation, the engineers of the company are almost completely off … Uh … How could I put it mildly … Well, let's say they communized the idea of ​​the Italians, except that they corrected something in their own “narrowing” fashion, so that the smell of plagiarism would not reach distant Italy, flavored the newborn TL1000R with a couple of original solutions, which the prototype did not have. First of all, they re-arranged the pilot’s landing on a completely normal, “human” one. Secondly, they used a virtually unparalleled rotary piston rear shock absorber (you can still find it on only one motorcycle. Well, yes, that's right - on the Suzuki TL1000S). Yes, and the rear pendulum on the "Japanese" is not a cantilever, but a completely traditional design, however, reinforced by various jumpers "do not mess around." And what about the fact that the diameter of the cylinders, pistons and even their stroke coincide with those on the Ducati 998, to hundredths of a millimeter, so this is completely random. And the battery for lowering the center of gravity, just like the Ducati, is located below and to the left of the engine, and not under the seat, like most "Japanese". Well, well, what a coincidence! In a word, the output turned out to be an apparatus as much as 135 hp. and 197 kg of curb weight. Which I almost got "unkissed" (which was clearly hinted at by silencers packed in touching blue cellophane).

The honeymoon (break-in, then) flew by unnoticed, the routine of living together went, and, as in true living together, the first “Trouble” was not long in coming. Motik clearly did not meet the characteristics stated on paper. On acceleration, it quickly rested on the mark of the “270” speedometer and did not want to accelerate at all. “Hanging” in the rear-view mirrors of my motorcycle someone’s shaggy Fireblade of the 92nd year made me seriously think that with the almost three times as much sum paid by me, but with the same (declared) capabilities of motorcycles, the encouraging word “sucker” could be safely Hang all over my back on my jumpsuit. “Well, nothing,” I tried to console myself, “but at the bottom, the draft was brutal. I’ll cut through the rear wheel from the second gear - and don’t go to a fortuneteller!..”Oh, it would be better to go all the same - for sure she would meet me with a huge banner with an inscription like:“Big two-cylinder deuces - sucks!”Or“Four pots” - forever!”

The stump is clear, such a situation did not lay me out under any outfits. The regular exhaust system, with its immodest weight and degree of engine strangulation, corresponded much more to some “tourist”, but not a sport bike, and therefore was replaced by a full release from Yoshimura, I added a Power commander to the “brains”, so that this whole farm also correctly "breathed", set K & N, and a regular filter presented to the pioneers-scooters.

Surrendering to the owners of the Dynojet dynamometer stand, I waited for the computer to evaluate the result of the work done and the effectiveness of multi-bucks investments. I would call the results a hymn to the human mind: 118 hp on the rear wheel against 110 liters with. in the "base", plus about 10% of the increase in torque in almost the entire rev range! Issue price: $ 2000 - for the issue, $ 400 - for the "brains" and $ 100 - for the K & N. Total - $ 2500.

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