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All day I was wandering the streets, but neither the impressive dimensions of the scooter, nor its weight of 215 kg, “drove me away”. Because it is low in the saddle, it has smooth reactions to turning the gas knob and exemplary stability, which is especially valuable when moving in a cluster of cars between their rows.

Every time, as soon as I stopped at a traffic light, motorists were quickened, the Burgman looked intrigued: it seemed to be a scooter, but how big! .. I didn’t leave a single traffic light without answering at least a couple of questions.

There is something to say about the scooter. And car drivers heard me: the Burgman had excellent wind protection, so I kept the glass on the helmet raised. But the interlocutors still remained taken aback with a dumb question when I started on “green”: how did I manage to break so abruptly and “leave” everyone ?! And simply: during acceleration I used the Power mode of automatic transmission - it was invented for the most dynamic acceleration.


It is the transmission design that distinguishes the Burgman 650 from a number of maxi scooters. SECCVT (Suzuki Electronically Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission) is a variator, the gear ratio in which is regulated not by centrifugal forces, but by an executive electric motor according to microprocessor commands. Depending on the speed of movement and the load on the motor, the processor “determines” when and how to move the pulleys. The inertia of the system is minimal. You can set transmissions in different operating modes - “normal”, “powerful” or with manual gear shifting (a la Tiptronic - with buttons on the steering wheel) with fixed gear ratios.