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With The Prefix "special". Sleigh Ride

Video: With The Prefix "special". Sleigh Ride
Video: All Aboard: The Sleigh Ride - A Slow TV Christmas Special 2023, February
With The Prefix "special". Sleigh Ride
With The Prefix "special". Sleigh Ride

Maybe today an unusual guest will knock on your door - Santa Claus himself? Or his foreign colleagues - French Peer Noel, Dutch Sanderklaas, Italian Babbe Natale, German Weinachtsmann or American Santa Claus? In this sweet expectation, the whole planet freezes. It is not so easy for fairy grandfathers to get to their homes on sledges, even if they are harnessed by the three most frisky horses or deer in the European manner. So an elderly person has to master modern means of transportation: trains, planes, cars …

A kind New Year's fairy tale is to the liking of many adults. For example, US Secretary of Transportation Rodney Slater. Recently, he personally applied for a visa on a certificate authorizing Santa Claus to control … snowmobiles. In fairness, we note that the minister simply had no choice: hundreds of thousands of children supported letters to extradite Santa with “aviation rights”.

By the way, Santa really often flies. For example, the Austrian airline Tirolian Airlines not only carries it around the country with pleasure, but also invites you to the celebration of the first departure of new airliners. He is an honored guest aboard Finnair aircraft (after all, his residence is Finnish Rovaniemi), Ryanair and a dozen other companies.

Santa loves to travel across the sea in Scandinavia. The Cilla Line cruise liners are the official “cabman”! On board serves traditional Christmas dishes, decorate the ferries with thousands of garlands.

However, more often Santa still moves in cars, but often unusual! For example, on the eve of last Christmas in America, they chose the official Santa Claus car. It was provided by the North American Automobile Manufacturers Association, whose collection contains real gems - for example, the 1959 Cadillac-Convertible. He was called the most worthy of several thousand adults and children who voted on the Internet.

Often, Santas themselves decide which "sled" to choose. The trade union of the German Weinachtsmanns, or, as they are popularly called, Nikolausov, is looking for the perfect vehicle from year to year. A motorcycle would have become such a means of transportation in the days of Christmas fuss, but the trouble is that a motorcyclist must be wearing a helmet. Weinachtsmann, of course, could not take such a blasphemous step. The solution was prompted by BMW, offering a C1 scooter. Since it is equipped with a roof, grandfathers remained faithful to uniform caps.

There is a car that goes well with Christmas fun - “Mini”, especially bright red. According to the assurances of the children’s favorites, their appearance on this machine invariably causes smiles of both adults and young Germans.

The image of a good bearded grandfather is so positive that it is often used for "selfish purposes." Particular love for this character is experienced … by policemen all over the world. Crowds of people were about to see how Peruvian law enforcement officers from Peru patrol the streets of Lima on Harley-Davidson motorcycles! Since there is not so much work for the police, the main task for the holidays is to distribute gifts and sweets to the children.

But in Poland, traffic police, who also tried on false beards and caps, are presented with souvenirs … neat drivers! Those who follow the speed limit are encouraged by sweets, key chains or snow scrapers. This action began in one of the provincial towns of Poland, but was soon supported throughout the country. Violators of sweets are not supposed to: along with the receipt of a fine they are handed symbolic rods.

Well, Santa Claus’s job, though pleasant, is not easy! Competition is growing every year. One of the professional requirements is a real beard and the longer, the better. The children strive to pull for her, wanting to make sure that the grandfather is not "fake". There is also an age qualification: no younger than 50 years old. But the main thing is to have an innate sense of humor, kindness and, of course, to believe in New Year’s wonders yourself …

Santa Claus is coming to us


If the local Santa Clauses are driving around in Cadillacs, our Santa Claus supports the domestic producer. True, not out of patriotism: seasonal work, on a voluntary basis, not up to limousines here! So our grandfather drives an old Moskvich without taking off his sheepskin coat … Don’t you believe it? So he will tell you!

- Usually I try to change into a “civilian”, so as not to scare people, but sometimes there are funny stories. The closer the New Year, the more orders, and the traffic jams around, so you rush around like crazy! I'm going from one children's matinee to another, in a hurry and, of course, forget to remove the wig. All the way I felt that I was attracting attention: honking, waving, Happy New Year!

I'm passing the post. I look, the traffic cop me waving that way fun. I hold out the documents, he looks at my rights: “Are these yours? Why doesn’t it look like?”I mumble something, they say, was photographed for a long time, etc. “Okay, once I’ve come, do what is appropriate and free.” I, fool, let me fumble in my pockets, get the money. “Well, Santa Claus, completely stunned at old age!” It dawned on me … I congratulated them, showered them with wishes, laughed and parted!


New Year's Eve is always "fraught" with feasts at work. And what is home? You can also boo - by taxi! In response to a wave of a hand near a snowy curb, the "bomb" slows down. “Chef, I would be up to …” - the address was stuck in my throat. At the wheel of the Lada was a man in a beard, whipped up from a washcloth, a red coat and a white and red hat, hardly stretched over a huge bald head.

- Great, I dressed up, right? My son advised Santa Claus to get dressed: this, he says, is a cool marketing move! On holidays, wise men make a lot of money, competition, you know! So we are fighting for the client, who is what much.

I must say, the marketing move worked! It cost customers, by the way, not at all cheap. But laughter, they say, adds health, and health does not mind any money …


Once upon a time there was an ordinary student. Closer to the New Year, he decided to earn some money: he dressed as Santa Claus and rode on orders, like thousands of others. Rides, carries gifts; and suddenly the car got up.

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