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Filters Fram. The Importance Of Being Earnest


Video: Filters Fram. The Importance Of Being Earnest

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Filters Fram. The Importance Of Being Earnest
Filters Fram. The Importance Of Being Earnest


The history of FRAM began 70 years ago when Frederick Franklin and Edward Aldam, chemists by profession, created a filter cartridge. Most of the analogues were inferior to the new product in all respects - it is difficult to install, hard to change, inconvenient to clean. The name of the unusual filter - FRAM (FRAM) was formed from a combination of the names of the inventors. He was quickly admitted to their conveyors by such "monsters" as Studebaker, Cadillac, etc.

Initially, FRAM specializes only in the manufacture of filters and has more than 3.5 thousand items in its assortment. Today, these filters are made in 27 factories around the world. All products meet the requirements of international standards ISO 9001 / QS 9000 and are certified in Russia.

Filters are air, oil and fuel - even a modern driver knows this. And there are similar products for cooling systems, transmission units, brake drives - even for glass washers! In general, the filter confidently takes the first place among the most frequently replaced units. The business is profitable, therefore both serious firms and not so hard work in it …

Who is the most serious? In Europe, this, of course, is Mann und Hummel, Sogefi Filtration (FRAM trademark), Mahle, Hengst, and others. Among the "Americans" we recall Donaldson, Wix, Fleetguard, etc. And there is also Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Turkey - and, of course, Russia: we have about fifty companies in this profile … It is clear that with so many filter manufacturers there is no shortage today - however, everything still creeps into the domestic market anything … Therefore, the interest in knowingly good imports, in particular in the FRAM filters produced by Sogefi Filtration, is understandable.

Which company is considered good? The main component of its rating is the number of leading automotive companies that use filters from this manufacturer to complete their cars. For example, Sojefi Filtering, with its many branches, which produces about 150 million filters a year, supplies its products to more than 25 companies - including Audi, BMW, Citroen, Opel, IVECO and others. In addition to Moreover, the status of the company determines the presence of serious research and development, the use of modern techniques, etc. In particular, the latest filters should be designed for disposal with a service life of at least … 160 thousand km! Well, not tomorrow, of course, - by 2005 the “only” line is planned at 60 thousand km, then in a couple of years - 100 thousand km, but by 2010 - really 160 thousand km!

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