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Test: Mini Cooper. Trust The Senses


Video: Test: Mini Cooper. Trust The Senses

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Test: Mini Cooper. Trust The Senses
Test: Mini Cooper. Trust The Senses


“Mini Cooper” has changed only cosmetically, the differences are hardly pulled by significant. If you have never been driving this car, you are unlikely to be able to see them. And if you were sitting … you still have to strain and remember.

There are more structural differences - new mechanical gearboxes on all models, a more powerful Cooper S engine, and an upgraded interior - have worked on door trim and seats.

Previously not included in the standard equipment, a steering column tachometer has become mandatory. Here is a small display on-board computer. The clock moved to the "plate" of the speedometer to the odometers of total and daily mileage.

The car provided for the test was additionally distinguished by a wood-finish front panel, heated leather seats, air conditioning, electric heated windshield and xenon headlights, in a new version surrounded by eight point light sources.


Of course, after the “Mini Cooper S” the dynamics of “just Cooper” seem modest. Our measurements showed not too impressive figures. The run-in car with an impressive list of additional equipment was almost 100 kg heavier than promised. In addition, instead of the standard 15-inch ones, it is shod in heavier 16-inch wheels. Appearance, handling and brakes benefitted from this, acceleration lost. However, sometimes “calm” real indicators do not at all coincide with vivid subjective impressions. “Mini Cooper” is just such a case.

Automatic transmission with a variator, as it turned out, is consistent with the nature of the machine. Of course, the variator provides manual mode with "virtual" gears. Today, such a solution (albeit not ideal for fuel economy and acceleration time) has become mandatory on all vehicles "for an active driver." The Mini Cooper A variator is extremely responsive in both standard and sports modes, and easily changes gears at the first request of your right foot.

The downside is the delicate starting off - even if you hold the car in place with a brake, the initial acceleration turns out to be very calm, even in the "sports" mode. After the first 20 km / h, the situation changes radically: in the city stream, the “Mini Cooper” feels like a fish in water, adding vigorous acceleration to other advantages - good visibility and enlarged exterior and interior mirrors.

On suburban highway "Mini Cooper" also does not pass. Cruising 130 km / h leaves an impressive margin under the pedal. “Noisy” is also determined by the noise portrait: the unexpectedly deep and bass voice of the engine suggests remarkable power, and the air noise around the unusually short, almost vertical front pillars is much less than expected.

The suspension is able to cope only with small "waves" on the pavement, no more. Roughnesses in rough surfaces pass unobstructed onto the seats, while speed bumps are recommended to move twice as slow as usual. Say thanks to the low-profile, puncture-safe tires with reinforced sidewall and stiff short-stroke suspension.

But there are no compromises in terms of controllability. The Mini Cooper suspension is less rigid than that of the Cooper S, and body rolls in corners are clearly visible from the outside. However, in the ability to easily and naturally change the direction of movement of this car, there are no equal among classmates. The steering wheel, from lock to lock which is only 2.5 turns, and sometimes it does not seem fast enough for such a sharp and responsive chassis! Although it is impeccably accurate and has excellent feedback. Not succumbing to the temptation of electric power, the creators of "Mini" chose a combined circuit, where the electric pump is paired with a power steering. As a result, with the "steering feel" order, and fuel is saved.

The Mini Cooper slide is as predictable as in normal driving modes, and despite stiffer suspensions and tenacious tires, it doesn’t scare at all with typical cornering errors.

But is it worth it?

The “Mini” begins with a landing - a low seat, of course, can be raised, but the feeling of unity with the car goes away. The modest dimensions of the “Mini” are not at all an obstacle to a solid build of the driver or front passenger. The rear can also accommodate “full-size” riders without any problems. But in this case, the driver’s company landing will have to be sacrificed for their feet - there is no place under the lowered seat. However, hardly "Mini" buy to ride four of them …

Ground clearance - 130 mm. With short overhangs, like those of the Mini, this is quite acceptable today, but the lowest part of the Cooper - the “lip” of the front bumper - hangs another 20 mm lower. Verdict - parking on the curbs is not allowed.

A modest motor means economy? "Mini Cooper" is not conducive to uniform movement at a speed of 90 km / h. In reality, you should hardly expect a flow rate of less than 10 l / 100 km. This is with the cool temperament of the driver …

To say that the “Mini” is a cult car, to say nothing. Its original appearance and outstanding driving characteristics distinguish it from an extensive series of formal classmates. However, the price also stands out more than noticeably: the Mini Cooper pulls almost 29 thousand dollars as standard, and the car provided for the test cost almost $ 35, 000! It remains only to envy the Americans, who can buy "our" "Mini Cooper" for $ 20, 669 …


The modern remake of the 1959 Austin-Mini was introduced in 2001. Restyling in the fall of 2004 (2005 model year).

Available with hatchback and convertible bodies (since 2004).

Gasoline engines 1.6 liters, power - 90-200 liters. with. (Cooper Works). Turbodiesel 1.4 L, 75 L with.

Transmissions: mechanical 5 - and 6-speed or a variator.

Execution options: “Mini-One”, “Mini Cooper”, “Mini Cooper S”. Prices respectively: from $ 25, 900, 28, 750 and 38, 600. There is also a factory tuning version of Cooper Works.


Having weighed personal impressions and results of measurements, I want to crumple records with characteristics and completely trust in sensations. Apparently, this is precisely the strength of the Mini.

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