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Wigwam Wonder

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Wigwam Wonder
Wigwam Wonder

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You say that the "most-most" sounds too bold? Yes, you should have seen how Stephen Harey crushed everyone to the nines in the race of the Australian retro-bike championship on the Philip Island track. He showed the speed of the passage of the circle, equal to the results of modern "six hundred" category "Supersport". Note: previously, BMW always won in these races. Why do I compare with them? Yes, because German motorcycles already in the 30s had both completely modern suspensions and foot gear changes, and besides, their oppositions can be filled with a host of modern details. And the Indian - no rear suspension, front - parallelogram fork. And how many “strengths” you will squeeze out of the engine of the 20s? Hold on not to fall: one hundred! Yes, 100 liters. with. And at the finish line, Hayry had indulged Indian to 225 km / h!

Still in doubt? So know: six weeks after defeating Philip Island, Wigwam Engineering chief Peter Arundel, at salt lake Gerdner in southern Australia, accelerated to a speed of 255 km / h! Not bad for a motorcycle that's 80?

Peter Arundel picked up this fever when he was only 17 years old: then, in 1975, he bought his first Indian - Chief, 1925. Since then, he has been expanding the collection for three decades, and now he has almost the most impressive Indian collection in the world - 70 cars! In his funds, almost all the models that this American company produced, including some of the rarest V-twins and “fours”. Arundel also organized an annual rally gathering Indian owners and pre-war Harley-Davidson.

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