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The Snowmobile Will Be Required To Show Rights


Video: The Snowmobile Will Be Required To Show Rights

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The Snowmobile Will Be Required To Show Rights
The Snowmobile Will Be Required To Show Rights

The registration procedure is simple, it was authorized to conduct the State Technical Supervision Authority (they exist in each region, territory, republic) at the place of residence of the owner. It is enough to provide a passport of a self-propelled car and a certificate account (on a special form of Gostekhnadzor) - and registration will take place. These papers are issued by the trading organization.

The owners of registered off-road motor vehicles are issued a certificate of state registration, one license plate and a ticket for passing inspection. Further inspection is scheduled to take place every year, and it is not necessary to bring the snowmobile to central offices (they are usually located in cities), if the car is stored in a country house or in another area altogether, it is enough to get an opinion from the local inspector of Gostekhnadzor. Registration of a snowmobile or ATV costs about 400 rubles, technical inspection - 130. No insurance, such as compulsory motor liability insurance, is required. But if the owner of his own free will wants to insure his snowmobile from theft or damage, this is his right.

In recent years, the procedure for obtaining “rights” has been streamlined (they are officially called the “Certificate of a tractor driver”). Snowmobiles and ATVs fall into the first category - “A” (“Off-road Motor Vehicles”). The certificate is accompanied by a temporary permit to record violations.

They also receive “off-road rights” at the State Technical Supervision Authority after passing examinations - theoretical and practical. All the “pleasure” will cost 193 rubles 80 kopecks.

A theoretical test for knowledge of traffic rules is similar to a “traffic cop”, but on tickets the tasks for the situation are much simpler, because snowmobiles do not go to busy city streets with multi-lane traffic, traffic controllers and trams. Therefore, learning 30 tickets with eight questions in each is easy. You’ll get the desired mark if you make no more than one mistake.

The driving test consists of several stages, which include: starting the engine, driving the overall corridor, a semicircle, a "snake" and acceleration-braking. If we talk about Moscow (and over 2.7 thousand snowmobiles and about 1 thousand ATV are registered in the city), then we have a special platform equipped - a training ground on the territory of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. Here you can also learn to drive.

Unfortunately, not all snowmobile owners comply with the law. We have to take "draconian measures" - once a season we arrange mass checks - operations "Snowmobile". We carry them out together with the traffic police of the Moscow region. The amount of fines is determined by the Code of Administrative Offenses. They are the same as for drivers of motor vehicles. The main violations are the snowmobile itself without registration, the pilot does not have “rights”, the inspection has expired.

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