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Prices. Who Is “his” And Who Is “stranger”?


Video: Prices. Who Is “his” And Who Is “stranger”?

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Video: "A Stranger's, Dead." 2023, January
Prices. Who Is “his” And Who Is “stranger”?
Prices. Who Is “his” And Who Is “stranger”?


First, the main news of domestic dealers. Since the end of October, they began to widely sell cars of the Lada-110 family with a 1.6-liter engine. The latter have new indices: Lada-21101 - a sedan with an 8-valve 1.6-liter engine; "Lada-21104" - a sedan with a 16-valve engine of 1.6 liters. Station wagons are called so: "Lada-21112" (1.6 liters, 8 valves), "Lada-21114" (1.6 liters, 16 valves). Hatchbacks are Lada 21121 and Lada 21124, respectively. They say there will be no return to the old "engine".

The advent of new, more powerful powertrains is great! But while the cost of new products on average by 7-8 thousand rubles. higher than the usual cars of the "tenth" family with a 1.5-liter engine. For example, a 1.6-liter sedan with an 8-valve engine in Togliatti can be purchased for 224–235 thousand rubles, a 16-valve hatchback already costs 228–238, and a station wagon - 230–250 thousand (depending on configuration). Discontinued, but so far commercially available “tens” with the “old” 1.5-liter engine are much cheaper, but such a difference is unlikely to last long.

News number two: in the dealerships appeared three-door hatchbacks of the restyled Samara-2 family - Lada-2113, which replaced the G8. So far, the prices of these cars are prohibitive. In the wake of hype, dealers are asking for a “simple” “thirteenth” model from 190 to 208 thousand rubles - this is much more expensive than the five-door hatchback “Lada-2114” (188 - 195 thousand). According to the plan, AvtoVAZ promised to release about 4 thousand new cars of this model before the new year, and already 10 thousand in the next. So we can assume that by the end of the year the prices for the “thirteenth” will begin to decline and will be equal to the cost of the “fourteenth”, and then will completely become lower, as was the case with the old “eight” and “nine”.

AvtoVAZ’s partner - Izhevsk Automobile Plant, it seems, first encountered a small overproduction so far - in early November, according to some reports, up to 20 thousand unsold cars were accumulated at dealerships. To remedy the situation, first shifts were reduced by an hour, and from October 27, the main assembly line was completely stopped for three weeks. True, the company is convinced that there is nothing wrong with that - they say that the conveyor stops have happened before because of seasonal fluctuations in demand. Therefore, the plant’s plans to increase prices for products at least until the end of this year are not planned (the last increase took place this summer).

The Izhevsk enterprise positions its products as a “people's car” and tries to keep prices at the lowest level for Russia - from 118 thousand for VAZ 2106 and from 140 thousand rubles. for Izh 2126. This year, Izh-Avto plans to assemble 100-110 thousand cars: half - IL models, half - VAZ.


This fall is full of pleasant surprises. For example, Rolf Holding, the official distributor of Mitsubishi Motors in Russia, announced a reduction in prices for the most popular Lancer model. The cost of the basic machine in the Invite configuration with a 1.3 liter engine now starts at $ 14, 490 ($ 500 less than before). Prices for other versions have also changed, for example 1.6 Invite with an “automatic machine” now costs from $ 16, 650, and 2.0 Intense with a manual transmission - 20 thousand.

Suddenly, “popular” Daewoo from Uzbekistan fell in price - the “naked” Matiz now costs $ 6300 (for an air conditioner and power steering surcharge of $ 1400). For a completely "empty" Nexia with an 8-valve engine, they are asking for only $ 8 thousand (like a "ten" in a similar configuration!), And a well-equipped "Uzbek" will cost $ 9800-10 000.

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