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Tinted. Useless With Unpleasant


Video: Tinted. Useless With Unpleasant

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: If You Have These Car Mods You're Stupid 2023, January
Tinted. Useless With Unpleasant
Tinted. Useless With Unpleasant

- Hello, can I tint a car with you?

- Of course, we have excellent American films.

- And there will be no problems with the traffic police?

- Uh … honestly, with no one, even our lightest tinting, the car will not pass inspection …

They gave me the same approximate answer at several other well-known service centers in Moscow. An amazing thing: you can’t pass inspection, and on the roads of Russia almost half of the cars with “tightly” tinted windows! However, we will leave the legal aspect on the conscience of those who do not receive inspection but buy. And sells. And we’ll try to figure out why the traffic police refers to tinting sharply negatively. And how is it generally related

to dream?

So, the followers of the stupid (sorry!) Tinted glass mode give their arguments. Some people firmly believe that the things left in the cabin and expensive “music” cannot be seen from the street, which means there is less chance that they will be stolen. Others claim: tinting reduces the penetration of ultraviolet and infrared rays into the interior. As they say, blessed is he who believes!

If someone intends to clean your car, tinting will not save, and perhaps even attract an attacker: like, there is something to hide. And the talk about the fact that the tinted car is cooler in the heat is partly true in relation to isothermal glasses. But they are expensive and have nothing to do with those that are obscured by mass films.

There is no arguing with one more argument: behind the “deaf” tinting it is absolutely not visible who is driving in the car. Given the morals prevailing on our roads, it is not surprising that some drivers want to hide from prying eyes. What does one have to pay for "confidentiality"? Check on yourself.

Before me is a VAZ 2108 3 with a “dull” tint, through which it is extremely difficult to discern the host profile. To the question "why tinted?", He dismisses: "yes, I bought one." Then he changes to the passenger seat, and I sit behind the wheel in the twilight of the passenger compartment. Yes … the hometown appears quite dull through these glasses …

And here the sun peeked out - and then the first unpleasant optical effects arose: nothing really was visible in the exterior mirrors! In the side windows, the light clothing of the passenger is reflected, the front panel also shamelessly glare. With a short glance in the mirror, assessing the situation is extremely difficult. We have to focus our eyes on the background, “wading” through the glare on


“Look, the twin is coming,” the owner laughs, when the exact same tinted “eight” is built in front of us. Going for the "clone" is unpleasant - through an opaque interior you will not appreciate what is happening ahead. It’s not possible to even see the stoplights of a car traveling through one of us, but this helps to protect itself in a dense stream.

Especially insidious tinting at twilight. I had to strain, approaching an unregulated intersection. “Interference on the right”, which considered that it was too early to include at least “dimensions”, I noticed only after warning the passenger.

Lanterns lit up in the city, nasty autumn rain sprayed. At that moment I understood completely - I will never drive a tinted car, at least of my own free will. Remember, horses, so as not to be distracted, clothed in blinkers? So the coachman saw everything! And here?

The driver put on the blinders, as if he did not need to know what was happening a couple of meters from the side. Tinted windows deprive side vision in the dark almost completely. You feel particularly uncomfortable when turning 90 °.

Perhaps enough for today: such a ride is very tiring, it is time to return the car to the owner until it has an accident. Now we’ll pass this pedestrian crossing and … “Caution!” A colleague's warning arrived in time. I simply did not see a man emerge from the darkness on a “zebra”.

“Well, is he happy with the tint?” I asked, handing over the keys to the owner. “I’m not used to it,” he shook his head. “When I park in the courtyard in the evening, I have to open both windows. Yes, and glare all the time interfere. I myself wouldn’t tint the car for anything.”

Maybe you shouldn’t?


The requirements of GOST, by the way, are far from the most stringent in the world, taken not from the ceiling and dictated by safety considerations. This is also confirmed by the subjective sensations of driving the tinted car of the testers at the wheel. We translated them into the language of numbers, evaluating the review on a five-point scale: distance to detect obstacles, field of view, etc. So, the VAZ 2108, with CPFilms film, has a 90% tint compared to a “law-abiding” car. Compare grades … Do you need any comments here?


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