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Transformer Trailer. For Three


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Transformer Trailer. For Three
Transformer Trailer. For Three

And if you have to do this not too often, then you probably should not buy a special trailer. In addition, an extra transport unit is an additional tax, insurance, inspection and a place in the garage, that is, extra expenses and inconvenience. A specialized trailer is suitable, as a rule, only for transportation of the same type of cargo. But is it possible, having bought one trailer, to solve several problems at once? But where to get it? Our searches were ultimately successful. The Stupino company Trailer launched a transformer trailer (82, 440), adapted for transporting jet skis, small boats, motorcycles and general household goods.

The design is based on a frame made of rectangular galvanized pipes with spring suspension. On it you can install an ordinary cargo body, lodges for a jet ski or a motorcycle.

The body is made of galvanized steel sheet with a bottom made of laminated plywood. The dimensions of 1830x1040x295 mm and a weight of about 30 kg allow one person to install it on the frame. Fastening - with four easily accessible bolts. The design is very strong and rigid, but the tailgate does not recline, which is sometimes inconvenient. The remains of bulk cargo have to be removed with a broom with a dustpan or vacuum cleaner, and it is difficult to drag heavy things overboard. Hooks in the floor or on the sides would also be useful in order to secure the load properly, if necessary.

To transport a boat or a jet ski instead of a body, lodgements are placed on the frame - two wooden beams upholstered with carpet.

On the drawbar, a removable winch - tightening the boat onto the trailer is not a problem. If it is supposed to ship from water, you will have to buy a modification with airtight hubs, but this is somewhat more expensive. But lanterns swimming is contraindicated. However, if this procedure is inevitable, they can be sealed independently or made easily removable.

In the “truck” option, instead of lodgements, a ladder is installed on the frame - a stamped steel trough 195 mm wide and a stop-conductor under the front wheel. Roll up the motorcycle on the second (round) ladder. We fix the motorcycle and the boat (jet ski) with straps, and to protect the cargo from road dirt, an awning is desirable - it is very difficult to wash the motorcycle after a couple of hours of towing in the rain.

By the way, about the towing itself. Thanks to the soft spring suspension and shock absorbers, the trailer, even empty, practically does not bounce on uneven roads and goes very smoothly behind the machine. The long drawbar provides ease of maneuvering in reverse and manual movement of the loaded trailer. The latter also helps the front swivel wheel-emphasis.

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