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Concept Car: Chevrolet S3x. Procession

Video: Concept Car: Chevrolet S3x. Procession
Video: Chevrolet FNR Concept - Shanghai 2015 2023, February
Concept Car: Chevrolet S3x. Procession
Concept Car: Chevrolet S3x. Procession

But her program also included sports cars, trucks, delivery vans. It was the latter in the mid-1930s that prompted someone to a genius in its simplicity: to make a cargo-passenger modification of a small truck, which, in turn, was created on the basis of a passenger car. Everything is very simple: windows were inserted into the van with two side doors and one in the rear wall, and seats were put. The result was a Chevrolet Saberbane (Suburban), that is, a suburban. It can accommodate a large family or a bulky cargo - it’s a shame to ride such a one in the city, and it’s convenient to go outside.

Much later, three decades later, the story of the roomy Chevrolet all-wheel drive station wagon began. The first one was called Blazer, later the family grew noticeably, and the flagship today is Saberben. By the way, this old term fits well with current cars.

Both to the village and to the city

As you know, the well-known brand, including in Russia, the Daewoo brand leaves the European scene. It’s unusual to see the famous Chevrolet Cross on inexpensive compacts. But after all, the American company has always focused on folk cars - just the concept of them has changed somewhat.

Restructuring "Daewoo" was going on gradually. In particular, GM-Auto Daewoo Technology has been operating for two years. The first fruit of her work is the serial Chevrolet-Kalos, the next was the S3X concept.

A five-door all-wheel drive car with a length of 4639 mm and a base of 2700 mm is a typical SUV with a completely international appearance. Powerful bumpers, 20-inch wheels, a huge transparent sunroof in the roof. The glass in the tailgate opens separately - the American style, however, already picked up by other companies. In the Chevrolet-S3X salon, as befits a concept, there is wood, polished metal and leather, and also a DVD system with an 18-cm display combined with navigation.

Details about the engine and transmission are not reported, but not at all because the car is not prepared for mass production.


A close relative of the S3X concept will appear in 2005 under the name "Chevrolet-Equinox" (Equinox). It will be released in Canada. A car with a 3.4-liter 185-horsepower engine, with rear or all-wheel drive will be larger than the concept (length 4795 mm, base 2857 mm), but five-seater - counting on spoiled American comfort.

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