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Genaddi At The Parade

Video: Genaddi At The Parade
Video: Премьера песни Парад Победы. Автор клипа и текста Геннадий Веретельников 2023, February
Genaddi At The Parade
Genaddi At The Parade

“Many years ago, when the cars were very young, buying a car meant acquiring a chassis on which you can put a body made by special order in a special“home”studio. Genaddi Design Group, which carefully preserves the spirit of those times, combines modern technology and the principles of manual labor and embodies individual dreams, creating real masterpieces”- we found such a description on the company's website. It sounds fabulously boastful. But not far from the truth …

A favorite work for the masters of the company remains stretching - lengthening the body. The tuning program of the modern Rolls-Royce allows you to increase the length of the executive sedan by 38, 57 or even 152 centimeters.

The total length of such a stretch from bumper to bumper reaches 7.35 meters. The longest Phantom will include a small harem of a modest Arab sheikh - unless, of course, he takes care of a sufficient number of seats in advance. And the interior configuration can be chosen to your liking. There are no restrictions except financial ones. Here you can introduce super-sophisticated music, and a swimming pool, and a palm tree in a tub (with an autonomous climate system).

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