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Gray Donkey

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Gray Donkey
Gray Donkey

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It would seem that nothing special stands out from the mass of small scooters - the "gray donkey". But this model is one of the most respected in its class. The design checked by time, incredible reliability, unpretentiousness to gasoline quality and weather conditions, and in addition to the "lifting" price - all this made it incredibly popular in Russia.

The idea of ​​acquiring a light, maneuverable and low-fuel vehicle for trips to the gym, to the beach and for other vital business has been in my head for a long time. Due to the huge traffic jams and ineptly designed traffic arteries, it’s not easy to get out of the area where I have the happiness of living.

And therefore, in the spring of 2003, I asked friends in the Far East to buy and send a scooter. Ordered: stability and comfort on the move, reliability of the design, undemanding to the quality of gasoline, the ability to transport two riders and some luggage (volleyball, sports uniforms and beach accessories). A month later, in my garage appeared quite fresh and without mileage across the Russian Federation Honda Tact scooter of the 97th year of release. With delivery to Moscow, it cost me $ 700.

Now that the two seasons are behind, I can share my impressions about him.

He is unusually comfortable on the move. The wide, long and soft seat makes it possible to fidget along it and change the landing (in order to avoid leakage of the lower back and shoulders). Switches "turn signals" turn on and off clearly, do not distract from the control of the road situation. A trip with a passenger is quite possible, however, the total weight of riders should not exceed 120 kg: at maximum load, you have to be extremely careful when maneuvering - the behavior of the scooter varies greatly.

Energy-intensive pendants and high-profile tires allow you to easily transfer the disgusting quality of the coating in the right rows, where, as a rule, there are a lot of pits and potholes. However, this does not eliminate the need to look under the wheels: low ground clearance makes you be careful, and especially when driving over rough terrain.

The speed with a fully “open” gas is gained smoothly, confidently, without jerking, the variator works perfectly. Brakes are also good: if you pass the rear, the “back” starts to drag, but not very much - a little bit. And in general, his behavior on the road is predictable - the design is thought out.

Yes, Tact is not a lighter. It’s ridiculous to expect sportbike acceleration from a kid with an engine of 49 cubic centimeters, especially when he drags a rider weighing more than his own: the “dry” weight of the scooter is 67 kg, and mine is 86 kg. Meanwhile, with this parameter (the ratio of the weight of the scooter and the cargo carried), it will give odds to any vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine: who else has this coefficient greater than one?

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