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Don Nicholson, president of the tuning company, admonished her with the words: “The Evolve S40 is exactly what this auto show needs. She looks great and is so interesting technically that many will have to raise her eyebrows in surprise.”

Nicholson hit the nail on the head. VCNA's marketing department was right, deciding to sell the brand-new S40 to Evolve tuners for just one dollar. It was standard - it will become exclusive - they decided. Interested in everyone who already has such a machine. And at the same time those who want to buy a "magpie" with mileage, - added the tuners.

Painted with silver metallic and "gray titanium" S40 has become a real magnet for the eyes. Even those who did not know about the incredible power of the beast - 550 hp paid attention to him. But these forces, transmitted to all four wheels through a 6-speed transmission, can cause the car to whistle a circle on the track before the viewers turn their heads.

Looks Evolve S40 accordingly. Can you call him friendly? From nose to tail, from a bulldozer-shaped front spoiler to a rear diffuser, the car looks brutal.

Evolve S40 prefers high-quality "shoes". The width of the front HRE C21 alloy wheels is 8.5 inches. The rear is wider by 2.5 inches. The diameter is the same in front and behind - 19 inches. Tires Pirelli Pzero Rosso differ only in size - 255/30 in front and 305/25 in the rear.

The remaining external modifications - an exhaust system with pipes with a diameter of 3.5 inches, darkened taillights and a sunroof.

In the center front there is a huge intercooler, communicating with a 5-cylinder engine with thick silicone hoses. In front are the AP-Racing brakes: 380 mm diameter discs assembled in two parts and 8-piston fluid-cooled calipers. At the back are “just” 362 mm discs and 6-piston calipers. ABS and the brake force distribution system help control braking.

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