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Full Rehabilitation

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Full Rehabilitation
Full Rehabilitation

Oddly enough, revered by every second motorist at the age of about thirty, the BMW 6-Series (E24 body) has not yet entered our category of collectibles. Rare collectors do not chase after them, many simply rot on the streets - immobilized and forgotten. It’s rare and rare in the newspaper that an advertisement for the sale of 630 Csi in satisfactory condition flickers for a couple of thousand dollars, without bargaining. It is very difficult to sell the Six: there are almost no spare parts, everything is on order, for a frantic euro, and the resource has been exhausted. Therefore, BMW fans just buy the massive E34 or E39, and the rare E24 “ideally” look with envy, but quickly forget.

True love knows no barriers. The desire to create a unique car with your own hands, if it is sincere and strong, will come true sooner or later. Only a suitable case is needed.

The guys from the St. Petersburg workshop "Avtobalt" engaged in BMW for more than ten years. We started with repairs in different offices, then got together, rented a room, bought equipment and earned a name for several years, taking on the most difficult work. By the time tuning orders appeared, Avtobalt traveled from all over the city to any “Bavarians” - from the ancient E12 to the new E46.

But Petersburgers had a desire to demonstrate their capabilities in something more than repair and technical tuning. With this in mind, they bought a "six", completely killed. There was no clear plan what to do with the machine. Not only that: if they knew that a thousand dollars given for a rusty rattle with a dead engine - only the thirtieth of the amount that will be invested in the project, everything would have turned out differently. And then … for the construction of an unprecedented M6 had to buy two more "six" !!!

The first was taken because of the cabin and electricians. Her “face” was broken, the body drove, but the suspension, from which a lot came in handy, the armchairs and part of the lining - like from a store. The second was handed over for dismantling due to a malfunction in the engine of an employee of the American consulate. She took a rare front bumper M-Technic and fragments of the body. The car, which was to become an object of universal admiration, was just like the first donor, broken in front. Therefore, work began with the welding of the body, strengthening the side members, replacing the TV and trunk lid.

The body spent three months in a paint workshop. The paint was put in several layers, so was the varnish. Sculpted, as they say, for centuries.

A gift was waiting for the car in the engine shop. Instead of the restored native engine, as was first assumed, a motor from a real American M6 was installed in the "six"! His tuners received in exchange for the “six” with the bumper removed. Of course, the engine compartment had to be modified. They put an oil cooler - for this "hot" engine it was needed. The exhaust system at Avtobalt was done independently.

The transmission was selected in an original way. From the experience of working with exotic versions of BMW, the masters knew that they installed the same engine on the M3 Evolution (E30), only a couple of cylinders were “lighter”. They were looking for just such a box. We found a non-standard, with a "mirror" gear selection scheme: the first - to myself, the second - from myself …

The limited slip differential was introduced into the transmission, the gear ratios in the gearbox and steering were changed.

The suspension was completely replaced with a more modern one, designed for the M5 in the 34th body. From there, the brake system and rims came. The brake discs were taken from the E39. The upper front levers come from the 850th itself, legendary and stunningly sturdy. The lower ones left the “five”, but the silent blocks took more rigid ones. In the rear levers of the "five" instead of silent blocks put AL. Shock absorbers preferred and the stiffest springs, KW.

After the break-in, the Petrograd put a spacer under the hood, a K&N filter, changed their hydraulic brake booster to a vacuum brake from BMW 1977 and … recognized the technical condition of the Six as perfect! Well then, it's time to tackle aesthetics.

Velor upholstery was removed and the interior was trimmed with rough brown leather with a noticeable stitching. The regular steering wheel was changed to Momo with Alpina core.

The radio was left full-time, and the acoustics were replaced. A CD changer was put in the trunk, which became a point in the history of tuning the venerable Bavarian sports coupe.

Total - more than two years have passed since the start of work. Given the huge amount of time spent, car exchanges, sold the remains of the third "six", direct orders from Germany, the car cost the company $ 30 thousand. Worth, undoubtedly worth it. It’s enough to ride a few kilometers on the M6 ​​and your heart will be broken. The indescribable sound of a 6-throttle inlet and tuned exhaust, 280 hp pedaling, smooth running in a straight line and precise handling on corners … This sports car has not lost a single drop of style that has long gone from modern BMWs, and even acquired new ones.

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