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The most difficult conditions were not only because the products in the stores were not enough. In those days, they stole especially much, everywhere, with enthusiasm and scope. They took everything that was not screwed or nailed tight. And what can be screwed onto a newly assembled skeleton with hastily fixed body panels? So much has disappeared from the basic assembly kit for assembling the Italian legend that if the buyer of the kit-car were not an experienced entrepreneur of Russian education, they could not have assembled the car to this day. But, fortunately, the visionary businessman knew his native reality well, so he bought some details “with a margin”. In eight years, almost all of these spare parts have dissolved in space. Something was exchanged for more necessary, something was lost, something was broken. But the car still exists!

The base for the construction of the replicar was Pontiac Fiero, the favorite car of the creators of the auto-exclusive. To save money, manufacturers specifically selected the old Fiero, produced in 1985, with a 2.8-liter engine, 180 hp. and a 4-speed "automatic", American leisurely. Lamborghini wheels, original body panels, exhaust system and a dozen branded badges were attached to the base - so that ignorant people could determine exactly what kind of miracle they met. Plastic and wheels turned an old "American" into a natural Lamborghini Countach. And in order for the prefabricated structure to move with the corresponding dynamics, two turbines were included in the kit. With them, the power, according to the Yankees, was approaching 300 hp.

The Americans did not bother with the high precision of the production of parts. Installing the Pontiac Fiero engine and suspension on the frame was not difficult, but assembling the body and interior so that all the electrics worked, the doors opened, and the car did not look like a homemade product, but like a real Lamborghini … It took more than seven years to complete this procedure. The home-grown automotive industry turned out to be a company diametrically different from the ease of assembly of Lego designers or IKEA furniture. None of the parts fell into place - they were customized, modified … The inevitable cracks were puttied and painted over.

The body was painted with rare red paint, traditional for sports cars. Salon assembled simply and quickly. But he looked so inconspicuous that he immediately began to refine. The seats were pulled by black leather in the style of Lamborghini, installed a tuning steering wheel, TV, redraw the dashboard. Sabelt sports belts fell on the seats (in passing, in the same store, they ordered an overlay for the Isotta gas tank flap).

Surprisingly, the owner of the car did not ride on it. He was fascinated by another project, and Countach immediately after completion of the work put up for sale.

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