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Is It True?

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Is It True?
Is It True?

Let's go in order. It is clear to everyone a long time ago that the existing system of settlement of losses is too complicated, so they say that soon the traffic cops will not have to call in place of an accident. But this is a matter of the future. For now, start small.

Now the poor, innocent victim, even having stood in line, having collected the whole bunch of necessary papers and having passed the examination, may not receive compensation. And just because the culprit did not file an insurance claim with his insurance company. Maybe not from evil at all, but because of ignorance or for another reason - he got sick, left, forgot. Insurers, taking care of you and me, offer to cancel this irregularity. Duc, one wonders why it was introduced at all …

Further more interesting. Today, the risks for which the insurance company is responsible exclude accidents that occurred on the "internal territory". Where is it still? It turns out, according to the president of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers Andrei Kigim, when creating the law, the authors thought about large enterprises such as the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant, with areas of several thousand hectares. On the territory of such giants special transport drives, not registered anywhere. So, the insurers did not want to answer for the accident with this transport from the very beginning.

But magically, gas stations, courtyards, car parks, parking lots and similar places fell under the concept of “internal territory”. As a result, people who have not moved around the house are left without insurance coverage. This misunderstanding is now brought before the legislators.

A lot of controversy is caused by the unjustly low liability of the insurer - only 400 thousand rubles, of which 240 thousand for compensation for health damage and 160 thousand for the repair of SEVERAL vehicles. And if these same vehicles 10 or 15? This happens, and often. The most commonplace example is the train. Divide these 160 thousand by 15. Zilch!

The head of the Federal Insurance Supervision Service, Ilya Lomakin-Rumyantsev, proposes an amendment to the law, according to which 400 thousand will be a limit for the repair of each damaged car. So it will be fairer.

But “iron” is not so bad. Everyone who has already managed to get to know OSAGO closely knows that it is very difficult to get at least some kind of compensation for health. Heaps of references, incomprehensible documents and, most importantly, nerves are needed. Yes, it is still necessary to prove that medical care was not received under the compulsory health insurance program (also a very controversial thing, by the way). This is not true.

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