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Absolute Peak
Absolute Peak

To believe that LUKOIL Racing mechanics have enough time, enthusiasm and energy for something else, apart from preparing race cars for competitions, is not at all simple. The team has long occupied Russian podiums and does not give them to anyone. And now it claims to be the championship in world championships. Can you imagine what cars should be and how hard it is to maintain them in a champion state?

And yet, at the last year’s auto show in Moscow, the Lukoil team showed Something. An exclusive car created by the team in between competitions, had a strong effect. Public respect for LUKOIL Racing, already significant, has doubled. The project was named Dancer Light. Its creators translated into Russian literary - "Dancing with the Wolves." The rear-engine car in the Renault Clio Sport style was made on the basis of the Oka crumb. The machine received

4-cylinder racing engine, sports suspension, cool interior and formidable "ring" appearance. Of course, the nature of the machine after such a transformation has completely changed. She became a real sports car, albeit a small one. Why did you need such a miracle? Evgeny Malinovsky, the head of the team and the “dad” of the “Dancer,” said in an interview: “This is a cry of the soul, the result of a desire to learn how to build your cars. It is not interesting to take a Mercedes and tune it. I wanted something like that, with a smile. Therefore, they took a car about which they say “bullshit” in the world of motorsport, and tried to make an interesting car out of it.” An interesting car turned out, and we will tell about it a little later.

In the meantime, you should not miss the opportunity to report on a completely new project, just presented to the public. “Behind the wheel” is the information sponsor of LUKOIL Racing, so the right to first publication is ours. The project is called Red & Black and develops the theme of "Dancing." It was first shown at the St. Petersburg Auto + Auto Mechanics exhibition. As soon as the car returned to Moscow, it was in our hands. Here's what it turned out …

During the premiere of Dancer Light, representatives of the team promised that the next version of the car will soon follow - Dancer Crazy, also based on the Oka, but with a more powerful engine. There were no problems with the implementation of the idea, but the enthusiasm quickly faded … The mechanics were not eager to build the exact same car, but with a different engine. It was too easy. And there would be no happiness, but just at that moment “Supertourism” was withdrawn from the Russian ring, and in this class Lukoil’s “tens” shone. According to experts, cars that are close to sports excellence and therefore very interesting.

Then the idea came under the working name Streetfighter. The bottom line is simple: take the combat “top ten”, make it less sporty in appearance, while leaving the racing stuffing, add a comfortable interior in a tuning style and load a high-end audio system. The next team show car was to be born from this concept, which could participate in all exhibitions, perform at caraudio competitions, and if necessary, walk along the race track as necessary.

They refused the working name right after the start of the project. Athletes consider street racing athletes to be dangerous and stupid, so they decided to exclude any connection with this topic. The head of the team suggested the name is not too original, but accurate and sonorous - Red & Black. The heirs of Stendhal have not yet disputed copyright …

It took only eight months to realize the idea. Fortunately, the main work was in the offseason, when mechanics can find free time. And again, it became obvious that Malinovsky assembled a cool team: the guys began to consider the project a personal hobby, everyone was a fan of the job and tried to give his best.

Other companies involved in the project also helped: AKKS, Pirelli, LiT Company, Hifonics, Star Dreams. The general partner was the Moscow design studio TJ-Auto.

And there was a happy coincidence: the TJ-Auto managers, seeing the Dancer Light at the dealership, turned to LUKOIL with a proposal to help with the installation of “music” and interior decoration, although they did not know that the team was preparing for a new project. When the work began, the athletes took advantage of the proposal of the installers.

The car, which turned out in the end, amazes to the core - even sophisticated observers. Thanks to this “top ten”, a crowd was constantly swarming around the team’s stand at the last exhibition. The faces were about the same: a wrinkled forehead, an open mouth. The view is standard, fenced.

For a complete story about the design features of the racing "ten" would need a separate issue of the newspaper, so we will not go into details, we will dwell only on the most important characteristics.

Despite careful camouflage with the LiT body kit (this is a long-standing partner of the team), it is not so difficult to recognize the Lada 110. When viewed from the front, there are a couple of seconds for doubts - even extreme tuners can not decide on such experiments with appearance. The open mouth of the radiator grille is especially expressive - it is much larger here than on the "civilian" machine, and is omitted below. Yes, and non-standard optics is clearly not for public roads - although xenon and shines no worse than regular. The profile of the machine justifies the name of the project: to the lower edges of the glasses “ten” is red, above - black. The hood is decorated with “gills” - vents, below are the logos of the project participants, and on the thresholds are plastic overlays. Wheel arches are carved, they sit hefty 17-inch wheels. Ground clearance is significantly reduced.

Behind the essence of the car immediately give out a wing on two metal pillars, an aerodynamic diffuser under the bumper and an exhaust pipe in the center. If there weren’t these elements, the sports car would have looked exactly like the usual tuning “ten”.

Take a look under the hood. Finding familiar details is not easy even for advanced ones. You can still find out the 16-valve VAZ engine, despite the whole sports surroundings. Identify multi-throttle injection by the "pipes" stretching to the front panel, too. But where was the battery hidden? And what do the numerous tanks of polished and anodized aluminum do here?

It’s not even necessary to remind yourself that this is a sports car. And without a description it’s clear: the car’s charge is powerful. 210 h.p. with a volume of 1598 cm3, 200 N.m at 6500 rpm! Distributed injection, two nozzles per cylinder, microprocessor control unit Motec M48 … It is not surprising that in the "SuperTourism" this "top ten" did not have serious rivals. The curb weight of the machine is 1150 kg. Acceleration to 100 km / h - 5.8 seconds. Maximum speed, not too important in the "ring" - 210 km / h. A set of indicators worthy of admiration. And in addition - a JRZ suspension with automatic tuning, electric power steering, a sequential-type mechanical 6-speed gearbox with a Sadev limited-slip differential. Ventilated disc brakes on all wheels, BBS alloy wheels and Pirelli PZero 205 / 45ZR17 tires. Here is how!

One trace remained of the asceticism of the sports interior - a powerful homologated safety cage. Its lower pipes diagonally cross the doorways, turning the car into a two-seater. Armchairs - leather Recaro, with embroidery. The same on leather door panels, the inner handles are made anew, from polished aluminum. The aluminum lining on the console, handbrake and T-shaped handle box. The architecture of the dashboard and console is special. From the "tens" were only the central ducts.

The instrument cluster, in fact, is not. There is one display on which the basic information is displayed - a purely sporting solution. From the same sport and controls - a “donut” steering wheel and pedal block.

Serious musical preparation is immediately noticeable - only in the front of the cabin are eight Hifonics speakers, decorated with the same milled aluminum. A 7-inch monitor leaves the console. And behind the backs of the chairs is an entire orchestra. The main one is a huge subwoofer. Under it are three amplifiers and two capacitors. Two more “amp” are hidden in the trunk. On the rear shelf - a couple more sources of sound.

Especially chic looks all this economy in the dark. The components are highlighted in blue, an even cold shine makes the interior alien and mysterious.

The rated power of the audio system built in the Lukoil’s “top ten” by the TJ-Auto team is 1300 watts. Sound pressure is about 140 dB (above the pain threshold of a person!). The chief engineer of LUKOIL Racing described the sensations of listening to the system: “A few minutes after the trial inclusion, I realized that I did not need ears. The sound is felt by the internal organs: the stomach, lungs, liver …”In general, at caraudio competitions, the car will definitely show a result worthy of auto racing fame.

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