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By Concepts
By Concepts

Come on, brother, click on the gas, because a person is free like two hours,”sounded from the radio. Tolyan sighed. And, apparently, literally understanding Vova Bright, drowned the pedal. Ahead loomed "Volga": she barely trudged along an empty road.

No, don’t think that Tolyan is a malicious intruder. Conflict with the law, he swore even after the last sentence. Nope, in FIG. But now it’s possible to gag: the oncoming traffic is empty, you can’t see anyone and there were no markings on this street. All according to the rules: left turn signal, lowered and - forward. Tolyan was already about to take a more right-handed move, completing the maneuver, when a foreign car suddenly departs from the oncoming curb. The steering wheel to the right, but still the cars clashed on the sides and scattered in different directions. But the Volga did not suffer! A miracle.

Commentary of the lawyer “Behind the wheel”: “In this situation, two scenarios are possible.

Option one. If the driver of a foreign car directly drove away from the side of the road and an accident occurred, then its driver will be the culprit, as a violator of the requirement of clause 8.1 of the SDA: "The maneuver must be safe and not interfere with other road users." Nevertheless, when conducting an automotive technical examination, it may turn out that Tolyan is also to blame for this accident. He could have violated paragraph 10.1 of the SDA: "… if there is a danger to movement that the driver is able to detect, he must take possible measures to reduce speed until the vehicle stops."

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