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Video: Pituning

Video: Pituning
Video: Empirical PID gain tuning (Kevin Lynch) 2023, December

Scientific-Production Firm S. P. B. laid out on the counter one of the most popular types of tuning parts. Scientifically called: polyurethane elastic elements. They are very appreciated by athletes and serious tuners who are constantly striving to increase the strength, reliability, durability and efficiency of cars. Almost all rubber bands in the car can be replaced with polyurethane parts. But it is more advisable to use polyurethane only in the suspension - there it really justifies itself.

It seemed that the Chevrolet Niva was the most popular interior model. The official dealer of GM - AvtoVAZ Pragmatika brought four Chevy in plastic and metal body kits at once. Nearby stood a standard car. And the center of the exhibition was the Togliatti SUV in the plastic Storm studio “Ego-Style” (we talked about this kit in the last issue). Nearby, on the embankment, the Laura company arranged pokatushki for all comers. True, on standard machines. However, in the cabin, external bells and whistles do not matter.

The standners of the company, which showed the Fisher Fury roadster at the salon, often had to answer the question: “Is this tuning?” A typical British sports car, small-batch, with a light body, as simple as possible, but very bright on the road. 115 hp engine accelerates the roadster to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds, the 185-strong - for 3.5. The 320-strong top-modification reaches the cherished mark in 2.9 seconds. There are a lot of options and the possibility of fitting "according to the figure." The cost of the finished car is 30–35 thousand euros.

On the street, visitors were met by a trinity of popular American SUVs. Everything is a selection - black and varnish, playing with chrome. Representatives of a tuning studio focused on sets of external decorative parts. Particular emphasis was placed on the almost domestic and almost massive Hummer H2.

To pass by such mice is simply impossible. Especially if the machine, on the back of which they are painted, stands right next to the entrance to Lenexpo. Especially if it’s a “hunchbacked” Zaporozhets ZAZ-965 … In excellent condition, by the way! And plays music from your favorite cartoons !!! And his name is "Cheese House"!

The Toyota dB showroom, prepared for Soundlab's caraudio competition, was an admiration for the boys. Leather and Alcantara, neon tubes and aluminum … Starship, and more! Although the outside is a box by box. But all the power of the little "Japanese" in the Rockford Fosgate filling! After all, there are several amplifiers and subwoofers inside.

The famous yellow cabriolet "Eleks-Pole" did not reach the exhibition. Broke down. “Ten” - “Ringo” had to puff out for two. The plastic body kit of this car is just one of many options that the company offers. The benefit of a variety of sets is enough in Togliatti, and in St. Petersburg, and in Moscow. Eleks sells Lada-Lady, Stalker, Grant, Galant … But Ringo seems the cutest.

Turbochargers for every taste, large and small, low and high pressure, for passenger cars and trucks, gasoline and diesel engines. All this luxury lived in the eighth pavilion of the exhibition complex, among other spare parts. The basis of the Sinitta exposition was Garrett products - all turbine models. But right there you could find cunning units from other manufacturers - KKK, Schweizer, IHI, Mitsubishi, CZ, BorgWarner, Holset and Honeywell. For tractors, power plants, ships …

Honda Accord Type S with a mileage of 2000 km has already managed to get a set of improvements. The tuners prudently left the excellent 2.4 DOHC i-VTEC engine intact, but worked with the interior. It is altered with blue Alcantara and blue skin, niches and appliances are highlighted, the panel is decorated with carbon fiber, and aluminum rugs are on the floor. Under the hood there is a strut strut, under the hood there is an Martelius exhaust, on the trunk there is a wing, and in the headlights there are strobe lights. The audio system is average. In general, smart and easy tuning.

There was always a crowd near this stand, mainly from young people. They stared with undisguised pleasure at the girls who had become models for bodyart-style art. Such body tuning is effective, but not very durable. Yes, and winter is on the nose: just like on an outstanding tuning car, you can’t ride every day. It's a pity.

Against the background of others, the real sports Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII looked especially impressive. It was put up for sale for 140 thousand euros - almost 100 thousand more than the standard Evo VIII! The main thing: prepared for the rally in group N4 by the Finnish company RRE. Power - 300 hp, shock absorbers - Proflex jumbo WRC, front and rear locks - Ralliart, brakes - 15 and 17 inches Brembo, crankcase - Kevlar, dashboard - suede.

When the Porsche Cayenne and Maserati 3200 GT are on the same stand, it’s impressive. If they are prepared for showing by the Auto Audio Tuning laboratory, then there is no laughing matter. Huge investments are felt in each of the projects. The owners spent it well: Porsche already managed to get the titles “European Champion in Sound Quality 2004” and “Russian Champion 2004” (in the same category), “Best Installation of the Year” and the S-Drive festival cups for the best interior design and bodywork. And Maserati is Maserati. Masters of the company considered that the only thing he lacked was a more stylish interior.

BERG company has been selling parts of the American brand Rancho since 1998. Over the course of six years, more and more Russian tuning SUVs have been acquiring sets of its special suspension. The product range is diverse: Americans produce shock absorbers with adjustable stiffness, professional, with a receiver, for lifting without upgrading the transmission and control systems, and simple gas-oil “racks” designed for harsh operating conditions. Today, the Rancho suspension is not uncommon even on tuning UAZs. On sports cars is already the norm.

Having walked around the entire salon, in the far corner of one of the pavilions we found a stall under the guise of “Yed Ekipman Auto”. At first glance, the tuner's dream. Here you have direct-flow mufflers in stock, and low-resistance filters, and fine mesh, and stickers - checkers and tongues, and floor mats - please. Standners assured that the product is inexpensive, and the quality is high. Judging by the dressing, gizmos are clearly of South Asian origin, and the brand is "talking". But before, we had never heard of such a thing.

The local company Polytech, which produces rear-view mirrors, is a constant participant in such exhibitions. And one of the most popular among visitors. The public's interest is understandable: in contrast to optics, the choice of alternative mirrors in our market is not so great. And the Polytechnic are considered the best in terms of price and quality. The catalog has mirrors with all conceivable options, up to a turn signal in the case and anti-glare glasses for any domestic model. Put on the "classic" mirrors with electric and heated - is this not the best tuning?


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