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Our Method

Our Method
Our Method

The next day, my friend and I came to the garage, rolled up our sleeves and took up the Golf. While the body parts were being pulled, they thought about what to do with the bumpers. One resembled an airplane propeller, all in cracks and scratches, the other did not look like a bumper. Well, of course, they came up with. Having looked through some literature, we decided to stop on fiberglass. With great difficulty they found a place where they sold us glass and polyester resin. They began to think what shape to give the bumpers. A friend helped me - a designer by training. She developed several sketches, and we set to work. Having bought polyurethane foam in building materials, two large, white, almost shapeless beards were built on the front and rear bumpers. When the foam froze, cut, trying to give the final shape. But working was not as easy as we thought. The battle with the foam took a total of about a month, then the same amount of time was spent pasting with fiberglass and finishing preparation. And yet we managed! All painted in body color, installed fog lights and brake lights.

Before the heap, the shabby cladding was replaced. The work was time-consuming, but the result was frankly pleasing: inside the Golf it looked like new, just off the assembly line.

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