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Bon Viano

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Bon Viano
Bon Viano

But there are those who are always missing something. This is a regular at a tuning studio. For them, Brabus has prepared a special program for finalizing the Viano V8. True, this time the achievements of the German tuners did not fall into the Guinness Book of Records. Firstly, there from Brabus and so dazzles in the eyes, and secondly, the car turned out to be smart, but not extreme. Just 6.2 from acceleration to "hundreds" and 245 km / h … The "ceiling" of speed is limited by force. This is the maximum allowed for minivans in Germany.

The price of the car is considerable - 115, 250 Euros. So, after all, highly qualified specialists worked on it!

426 h.p. at 5400 rpm and 621 N * m at 4100 rpm - this is the only thing you need to know about a great motor. In a conversation, you can haughtily throw these numbers casually, with the most indifferent facial expression. And the mechanic (the owner of the Brabus must have his own mechanic!) Must remember that ARAL oil is traditionally poured into the Brabus engine, and nothing else. So that the motor does not require repairs ahead of schedule.

Out of curiosity, you can find out that the engine capacity is 6034 cm3, and the shafts are machined from solid pieces of metal, the connecting rods and valves are enlarged, and the electronics are reprogrammed. A stainless steel exhaust system with special type catalysts and silencers on both sides comes with the engine.

The first tuning van demonstration took place in Papenburg under the supervision of a strict commission from TUV. Imagine how Brabus Viano drove along a huge oval track at top speed! Claims were presented only to the steering, not clear enough at high speeds.

The Germans said "javol" and equipped the minivan with sports suspension. And just in case, the brake system was reinforced with 355 mm discs and six-piston calipers.

The choice of wheels relied primarily on aesthetic considerations. The most suitable were polished disks Monoblock IV 8.5x18 inches. And partners from Yokohama provided tires 100Y 245 / 45ZR18.

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