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Ignorance Is Power


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Ignorance & Power (feat. Sheltr) 2023, January
Ignorance Is Power
Ignorance Is Power

The Russian land has not become impoverished with talents, oh, it has not impoverished. Well, it would seem, what benefit can be to inspectors of GAI from OSAGO? One hassle: they leave for every scratch, fill up a bunch of pieces of paper, and even then turn the lines into the parsing group. Horror is simple. But even from such a huge barrel of tar one manages to squeeze a whole ladle of honey. Explain specifically.

Take an example. In the ass "Lada" drives "Gazelle". Of course, the "gazelist" is to blame. Oh, and from him he also bears a fume! Then certainly all the bumps on the culprit. Traffic cops also think so, but they have their own alignment. First, to the victim: and so, you see - your opponent is drunk, we are obliged to take him for examination. He won’t get out there, but in this case the insurance company will not pay anything (refer to the law), he will have to knock money out of him through the court in the usual way, and he’s got the car according to the “general”, the registration is temporary, and he’s from Dubossar. So FIG then what you get. In general, the point is to encourage inspectors, and they will make sure that the culprit of the accident does not fall for examination. Well, for a frightened victim, the main thing is that the insurer compensates for the damage, and if the “gazelist” is taken somewhere, they will not be taken … In short, he is quickly “led” to the inspector’s arguments. The culprit is further processed. It’s really hard for him, threatening with deprivation of rights. About non-sending for examination, he is also forced to agree on the spot. The double benefit is obtained. As a result, everything is sewn-covered. A regular accident is issued and then everything is done according to the standard scheme.

The inspector of GAI is cunning, using ignorance by drivers of laws. There can be no refusal of insurance payment, even when the perpetrator is drunk in the insole. The victim will receive the money anyway, only the insurer will rip it off the culprit later. This is called the insurer's recourse claim. These are the rules approved by the government of the Russian Federation.

Details? In the 11th section of the OSAGO rules, everything is specifically explained. We have already talked about drinking, and the insurance company has the right to receive the money paid to the victim if the culprit caused the damage intentionally, did not have the right to drive the car, was not included in the policy, did not travel at the right time, or disappeared from the scene of an accident. That’s all, it’s so simple.

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