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From The Classics
From The Classics

"Penny" - like that. The guy who had just graduated from law school was also pleased with such a vehicle. He was even more pleased when, after the first visit to the service, it became clear that this car was not simple, but charged.

Experienced masters who know the “penny” far and wide, told the owner who had no idea that he was holding one of the first VAZ-2101s in the Sport training factory. Sporting differences were in the Weber carburetor and reinforced suspension - the attachment of jet rods was strengthened. The car was not just a “sweetie” of garage storage with the mileage of a three-year-old Rolls-Royce. It fits perfectly into the concept of a donor for tuning: both the technical makings are good, and it is not a pity to remodel.

Tuning began with a “sandwich”. So on the slang of the masters called the construction of several gaskets between the head and the block. This technique reduces the compression ratio - to ride on the 76th gasoline. A camshaft from the Niva and ellipse rings were added to the "troeshny" cylinder block (1500 cm3). I put the impeller from the same Niva so that the motor does not overheat. The direct flow of the former student was made by himself from improvised pipes, ingenuity and strong expressions. Pipes for the crowning exhaust system of the impressive “plug” were not at hand, so the tip of the outstanding diameter peeks out from under the body through an untidy mesh screwed allegedly to remove heat from the muffler. After Vitaly saw the rally "penny", he took off the rear bumper and got the idea to make the front in a ring style. He riveted it himself. Vitaliy set this beauty so low that all the time it struck in front on every second bump. And then I got used to it.

The suspension was made more rigid, in an elementary way, like an orange - by shortening the shock absorber rods, turning them into short-stroke ones, and reducing a couple of turns in the springs. We figured out the turning radius and understeer by simply cutting off the steering limiters on the steering gear bipod.

The defiant appearance of the car seemed to provoke the owner. Vitaly began to drive fast and hard, resulting in several rather serious body repairs. Looking at the beginning of spring as a museum copy, the VAZ-2101 acquired by the end of autumn exactly the same look as thousands of its brothers are: corrosion, dents, dubious body geometry, painted with a brush.

Having restored the car once again and having paid once again with debts, Vitaly settled down, began to drive quietly, but did not refuse tuning. It’s just not engaged in technical modifications, but aesthetic ones. Set the pad on the dashboard, replaced the steering wheel with a miracle found on the disassembly of Luisi Motoral, attached pedals.

On the dashboard, he left only a rare speedometer, gluing other indicators with a strip of red film. The dials showing the engine temperature and the amount of gas in the tank moved to the center console, and a VAZ-2106 tachometer with a light scale was formed on the dashboard in the left corner.

Lever KP Vitaly shortened two and a half times, crowning it with a carbon handle. The doors were upholstered with gray felt, on which he fixed the handle and pocket from the BMW E12. The window handle and the internal door handle are unscrewed disassembled from the ancient Fiat. On the floor lay a red carpet. Vitaly painted all the plastic panels with black and red and was so carried away that he got the steering wheel spokes. He also painted the central ducts silver.

They installed “music” according to the proven algorithm - exclusively trophies were used. Only the tweeters are new, from the market. But the front “ovals” are the legacy of the Audi 80 that shared the mirrors. Where did the 150-watt coaxials come from behind, Vitaly no longer remembers, but this is not so important. The installation method is much more interesting - they play not from the rear shelf, but from the seats themselves. The rear shelf is perforated so that a kind of bass reflex is obtained. It is up to the professionals to judge how successful the idea is, but the sound in the car is very good, even though the regular cassette player from the ten-year-old Civic has been working as a player.

White stripes and visors of the windshield and rear windows from the film appeared on the body. The monster's film heads settled on the front wings, and a pair of Sparco logos on the hind wings. The glass of the front doors lost the window panes - all and all: simply replace the "cheap" glass with a "five" one. Side mirrors took root with the Audi 80, rear mudguards came from the Moskvich.

Of course, the emphasis is on "Pontus." The classic case (another pun) - taillights. In the store, there are tuning only for “eights” and “tens”. Without hesitation, Vitaly replaced the yellow segments of the lights with red ones. He walked around the car with a thoughtful look, grunted, and drove to the store behind the front turn signals - they turned from orange to white. At the same time I bought and put the GTS badge on the grill - for spiritual joy.

The trunk does not open with the key - only from the key fob. With an electric lock and pushers it took more than two weeks. But now Vitaliy is proud: perhaps his “penny” is the only one with a similar option!

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