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Hunter From Black Mud

Video: Hunter From Black Mud
Video: Black Hunter in the mud Part-2(10.05.13) 2023, February
Hunter From Black Mud
Hunter From Black Mud

The off-road track of Zelenograd somehow quietly turned into a regular highway. When Hunter jumped onto the asphalt and went, flapping wheels and throwing clumps of clay to the roof, faster and faster, it became clear: this is a completely different car. Although outwardly there are almost no differences from the factory version.

How not to be happy for domestic tuning: a few years ago there were an order of magnitude more skeptics opposed to it. And now even the factory workers (including those from UAZ) are in favor of finalizing their products. Yes, they say, we produce goods designed for average tastes, and competent preparation will not harm him. But the real discovery for us was that in MADI - the main highway university in the country - there is its own tuning laboratory, created on the basis of the department "Cars". From the name it’s clear what exactly she does. Preference, of course, for domestic cars, including Ulyanovsk ones.

The idea of ​​the project: to buy at the UAZ Hunter factory and turn it into a textbook, enabling teachers and students of the institute to show their knowledge and skills. In general, cut it. The leader was eagerly supported by enthusiastic teachers Mark Podolsky and Andrei Artemyev. The guys, of course, were also with all hands for.

In Moscow, they decided not to buy - boring. The road from Ulyanovsk was supposed to show that it will have to be finalized in the first place. We went by car, full of spare parts that could come in handy. Contrary to forecasts, Hunter survived 1, 000 kilometers, nothing fell off him, and all preparation for the race came down to adjusting the alignment. Artemyev, who sat behind the wheel of an "all-wheel drive desk", did not want to roll a thousand miles away.

They brought it - they began to disassemble, study. It is necessary to fix the fact that the factory workers and subcontractors have succumbed. It is easy to understand what this means: to refine everything without exception. There are two options - remodel the car radically or try to keep the factory solutions. The second way seems MADI best for two reasons. First, corporate ethics are in effect: factory engineers and graduates of the institute are like older and younger brothers. Teachers are colleagues. It is inconvenient for others to crush what some fought over. The second argument: in the same Ulyanovsk, and in Moscow, there are a lot of tuning companies offering to remake the SUV into anything - at least in the likeness of the G-Klasse, at least in a large-scale copy of the Belarus tractor. Repeating is simply not interesting. And to develop a program that can become mass-scale is a scale worthy of a university.

The condition leads to the decision to create a basic version of tuning, to which you can grow everything that the client or the masters themselves want, up to the one-sided UAZ, G-Klasse and Belarus, if anyone will bear such costs. But there is a list of modifications that should be completed to begin with, to test what happens, and only after that make a decision on further improvements. What if they will be superfluous ?!

Now I’m sure: for many, the basic level is enough. This is more than enough. The declared value of UAZ Hunter from Black Mud (there, at the MADI training ground, there is a tuning laboratory) is 15-16 thousand dollars. Buy another new SUV for the money with the same set of qualities is simply impossible.

By tradition, the first in the description of modifications is the engine. It turns out that the standard ZMZ-409 can carry, and carry great! It's hard to believe, but with acceleration on the rear-wheel drive the Madisha Hunter is on a par with the injector “nine”, and with the full one it can leave behind a fresh “classic”. Who considered Izh-2126 a dynamic car, admire the large rear-view mirrors - "Ode" looks behind the UAZ very pale. What did you do with the motor? Yes, almost nothing, only the shafts were changed and the injection program was rewritten. So, by the way, after re-piping, the car became more economical: consumption in the city is now an average of 12 liters per 100 kilometers, and on the highway at a speed of 120 km / h - 9. Andrei Artemyev, project leader, believes that it is quite realistic to drop it to eight.

Speedometers of all cars cheat, exaggerating the true speed. Even with an error tolerance of 10%, it turns out that the car is able to go at 160 km / h. Accustomed to check and double-check the results, laboratory assistants measured speed in other ways. The same numbers.

They are crazy! Kamikaze! UAZ’s dynamic corridor at such a speed - like the Grand Canyon, though not Arizona, but Crimean - for sure! Yes, the standard Hunter almost like the good old “commander” walks along the entire roadway. But this one holds like a tram. No wonder, because with the settings of the running master they were busy most of all. Most importantly, they made the entire spring suspension, and the springs were double, imported, expensive. Shock absorbers also delivered expensive, moving the mounting points; changed the castor, introduced two anti-roll bars (one is adjustable). We set up the power steering and equipped the steering with a Damper from Land Rover - a relatively inexpensive, but effective, suitable for installation.

With such a suspension, UAZ is able to tumble into corners like a “chisel”, clearly hold a steep arc and move from bend to bend without throwing stern. Some miracles … At the same time, it is much more comfortable than the regular one. We have an excellent definition for pendants of this nature: “It’s easy to wave to Peter!”

I remember that on the same highway at night I had to brake with smoke in front of the trench dug by the road workers exactly across the canvas. Then it was lucky that the speed was small - our Citroen only pretty shook. And behind the vile ditch were poor fellows who took a hit at speed and now changed their wheels to blink accidents. Why do I remember: on Madonna Hunter I would have two options - either to slip a trap, slowing down a little (the suspension would be tight), or to brake as well and decently pass a dangerous section. I bet the gas tank, all other things being equal, my Hunter would stop as fast as the Citroen. Bet? Take a look at the brakes first! Disc and perforated "in a circle", everything is sports. It slows down atomically: Andrei showed what “alternating acceleration” and “overload of one and a half“are the same “, several times extinguishing speed in a sports style - a little later than the moment when the passenger begins to turn pale.

More miracles? It’s surprisingly quiet in the car - it was not only full noise isolation that helped, but also a bulkhead of units, primarily Arzamas boxes and handouts. It was not possible to finally reassure the box, and it is unlikely that it will ever succeed, and with every barely audible grunt, Andrei apologizes: “They just went over it, consider a new one, and that’s noise. She will shut herself up - shut up.” We will not argue …

There are also two self-locking cross-axle differentials and an autonomous prestarting heater Teplostar with remote start from the alarm key fob and programmable timer. In the cold for about forty minutes, the device is able to warm up the engine and interior. Very comfortably. And the cost is three times lower than that of Webasto. In terms of reliability, the domestic unit is no worse.

The rest of the tuning is not so spectacular and not so significant. Krasnoyarsk alloy wheels and Michelin tires "training". You can put 31- or 33-inch … On the front bumper - winch T-Max 4.5 tons. Headlight wipers, heated mirrors. In general, the list goes on and on.

Of course, everyone in the MADI tuning laboratory is interested in the commercial development of the project. They say that in a year it’s really possible to cook five to seven cars each (by a team of permanent craftsmen and senior students). All equipment, documentation and communications are.

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